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Gino by day….Wendy by night

I began to think that the staff, in particular Reverend Tony, was becoming suspicious of my behavior. He had caught me on several occasions sleeping on “the job”! I did not know what to do. I figured the only thing to do was come clean with the job I had on nights and weekends! But before I could actually get them all together to tell them, they tailed me one evening to Club LAX in Metairie. I had no idea that I was being followed.

I went into the club I usually do. I took my entire wardrobe with me to the dressing room to transform to Wendy. I did not have a whole lot of time before the show. My wife Arden was coming to the show to see me as she usually does.

As the show began and Princess Stephany announced Wendy G Kennedy, I walked to the stage and began my song. I looked to one table and realized that my co-workers Mia, Dana, Maria,and Mrs Lou Ann were all at a table cheering and applauding Wendy. I was a nervous wreck but in the essence of show business, the show must go on! I could not stop and run and hide. I thought, oh what the hell, this is me and this is what I like to do! I think I got the most tips ever that night and everyone had a good time. Reverend Tony could only stand to the side and shake his head! Reverend Tony must have assumed that I worked a second security gig, considering that I am head of security at the Wedding Chapel! What a surprise! I promised Reverend Tony to never fall asleep on the job again….ha ha ha!