Mia’s Wedding Photo Tips
Here are 8 tips for great wedding pictures.

Good news, friends!
The big day is finally here. You may be feeling some anxiety about your pictures, but even supermodels don’t look like all that without having a few tricks up their sleeve. Here are my top 8 tips to make sure you are look like a Ravishing-Goddess-Of-Love on your wedding day.


1. Don’t be Cheap — Hire a Professional
On your wedding day random luck is not what you’re after. This is the one time you must look good. Hire a professional for all aspects of your day starting with a hairstylist, a makeup artist and most importantly, a professional photographer. On your big day, Aunt Gertie’s snapshots just aren’t going to cut it!

2. Trust Me, I know What I’m Doing
You may think leaning on your hands and wistfully glancing into the distance is cute, but by gosh, looking cute is not what you’re striving for on your big day. I like my brides to look radiant, enchanting, lissome and languid. Trust me, even if I ask you to do an odd pose or to dance a jig, the request has years of training behind it.

3. Be Nice
It is your day, and I know it is an honor to help you look drop-dead gorgeous. You’re probably nervous, so you’ll get some leeway; but, if you choose to throw down Bridezilla style, you just might find your up-do strategically imploding or your behind captured from an unflattering angle. Not that an ultimate professional (like yours truly) would every do such a thing but, ahem, I’ve heard of such things having happened.


4. Do the Twist
The only thing that looks good photographed head-on is a pile of logs and Gino (to the extent that that’s possible… visit our cast page Bios to make your own conclusions). For a positively elfin-like slim waist and best boobs a memory card can catch, try turning your feet to one side and twist your upper body towards the camera. If you’re really feeling adventurous or have a booty worth bragging about, you can even stand with your back to the camera and turn your head. Be careful not to strain your neck in the process.

5. Know Your Angles
We all have a masculine and feminine side to our faces; to find yours, grab a regular sheet of paper and relocate in front of the nearest mirror. Move the paper back and forth in front of your face exposing one side at a time. Your feminine side has a higher arch of the eye-brow, the eye itself is slightly larger and tilts up more than its sister, and the corner of the mouth is higher. Chances are you’ll want to turn this side to the camera on your wedding day. Make sure your hair stylist parts your hair on the prettier side for maximum exposure. Parting your hair the other way and leading the way with your masculine side will come in handy if you have to scold somebody or tangle with the good-ole-boys club: this side lends you authority!

6. Your Mama was Right
Straightening your posture is the easiest way to loose 10 pounds in your picture… the problem is, it’s not so easy to do. To practice, sit up straight in a chair, suck in your belly and imagine your head being pulled by a string straight to the sky. Then pull your shoulder blades back as far as they go; when it starts to hurt and you want to quit you’re about 90% there. Pull your shoulder blades back a little more, lean forward about 6 inches (while keeping your posture) and there you have it. Click!

7. Double Trouble?
If you’ve been hitting the starches a bit hard and there’s a bit o’ wobble or a downright double chin where the first one ends, try this easy fix. Press your tongue as hard as you can against the roof of your mouth. This will instantly tighten up the jiggly parts and lift up any jowls as well! Now, for 3 extra points… SMILE!

8. Tuck it!
The optimum feminine face is an oval but yours is not so much? The solution for perfecting your pose is to tuck down your chin, Imagine how a swan would do it, which is slightly forward, THEN down. Instant grace!

Now all you have to do is combine all of the above and we’re in business.