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7 Classic Towanda Braxton Moments

We recently asked you on Facebook for your favorite Towanda Braxton moments — and most of you were thrilled when she handed those separation papers to Andre! Here’s a look at 7 classic Towanda lines:

1. ‘I’m Miserable’
Towanda lays it all out for jobless Andre. “I’m miserable! I’ve been the financial breadwinner and that’s been stressful for me.” Towanda doesn’t mince words when she sums it up: “I married a loser.”

2. ‘We’re Not Coming to Move In!’
The girls visit Tamar at her house in L.A., and Tamar promptly presents them with a framed set of house rules. “We’re not coming to move in, we’re coming to visit!” Towanda exclaims.

3. ‘I Have to Move Out in One Day!’
Towanda is none too happy when Andre tells her they have to leave their house by tomorrow — sheriff’s orders (the house is in foreclosure). “Now I have to move out in one day!” she complains.

4. ‘Write This Down … J.O.B.’
Andre wants to know what he can do to improve their marriage, and Towanda boils it down to three letters for him. “Write this down, I’m gonna spell it: J.O.B.,” she says.

5. “I Don’t Want to Be the Man in the Relationship’
Towanda says she’s happy to “share” the financial burden with her husband, she just doesn’t want it all. “I don’t want to be the man in the relationship anymore,” she tells Andre. Sounds fair to us …

6. ‘He’s Not a Babysitter’
Towanda is talking to her lawyer about filing for separation, but she becomes very upset when Tamar suggests that Andre is just a babysitter.
“He’s not a babysitter, he’s a father. It’s freaking different!” she shouts. We can’t help but admire her loyalty.

7. ‘We Should Separate for a While’
Towanda’s had enough — she wants out. “We should separate for a while,” she tells Andre. Finally!