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Traci Braxton

7 Memorable Traci Braxton Moments

We recently asked you on Facebook for your favorite Traci Braxton moments. Many of you said you appreciate how “down to earth” and “real” she is, and you love it when she “goes off.” Here are 7 Traci moments that had us laughing:

1. “Why I Gotta Be the Luggage Person?”
Traci is pissed when Tamar asks her to hold her bag. “Why I gotta be the luggage person? There was a time when I used to perform with my sisters, now I’m carrying their bags,” she complains.

2. “It’s Called a French Connection”
According to Tamar, “Traci acts like she was raised by a pack of rats … hood rats!”
“We’re at table ordering wine or champagne, she’s ordering Hennessy on the rocks with a shot of Patron,” Tamar explains. Traci’s reaction is classic: “It’s called a French connection!”

3. “Kiss My A–!”
Traci and Tamar get into a long-brewing brawl — and Tamar goes too far when she accuses Traci of being disrespectful. “Shut the [bleep] up Tamar … kiss my a–!” Traci fires back as she storms off.

4. “That Woman’s Vagina …”
Toni is mulling an offer to pose in Playboy, and the ladies are examining some other models. “That woman’s vagina is all the way down to her shins!” Traci says.

5. “That’s Some Bullcrap!”
Traci is seriously PO’d when Tamar wants to quit the Braxtons album. “It is easy for Tamar to quit. I’m coming from hell and back and she ditches? This is some bullcrap!” she says.

6. “If This Is What It Means to Be Bankrupt…”
Traci is blown away by Toni’s new house. “If this is what it means to be bankrupt, sign me up!” she says. “Did you see the size of that pool?”

7. “I Like That Name”
Traci wants her sisters to invest in a salon with her. But the name she has in mind for the business — “Beauleave” — makes the girls giggle. “You get beauty then you leave?” Tamar jokes. “I like that name,” Traci says, holding her ground.