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8 Craziest Tamar Braxton Moments

Ever wonder how Tamar Braxton came to have such a mouth on Well, she’s the baby of the family, which is how the Braxtons explain her outspoken, free-spirited personality.

Even when she was a toddler, Tamar is said to have sung the question, “Can you please get me some toilet paper?” which gave her mom a hint of her big personality — and talent.

Now, Tamar is the breakout star of Braxton Family Values, thanks to her famous disses (e.g. “That tasted like ass”) as well as her desire to be a big a star as her sister.

Here’s a look at Tamar’s craziest moments on Braxton Family Values — so far:

1. ‘That is some bull you know!’

When Toni doesn’t show up to rehearse for her Bermuda concert (Tamar is singing back-up), Tamar gives us a piece of her mind.

“While I’m singing background I just feel like it’s not really appreciated, and I feel like my energy is pretty much made for the front and not the back,” she says. “That is some bull you know!”

2. ‘Don’t nobody want no old bag!’

Tamar turns Toni’s birthday into an occasion to lecture her sisters on their relationships — and to shop for herself!

“Toni gets all the attention when I know it should be me,” she explains.

Even better? Toni says she’s going to be 80 when she marries again, which leads Tamar to get “sick in my mouth.”
“Don’t nobody want no old bag!” as she puts it.

3. ‘She’s a little ghetto’

When the girls visit Tamar in L.A., she decides she wants to “clean Traci up.”

“She’s a little ghetto. Traci acts like she was raised by a pack of rats — hood rats!”

So much for sisterly love.

4. ‘I’m not doing it!’

Tamar refuses to do a Braxton album without Toni.

“If she don’t sing on at least all the songs I’m not doing it. No I am not!” she declares.

Meanwhile, Tamar’s sick of Toni always being in the limelight.

“Toni’s career is more important than mine right now? This is some,” she opines.

5. ‘Not acceptable for me’

Tamar is not impressed when Trina’s cheating husband wants to buy her a “start over” house.

“I feel like once you’re a cheater you’re always a cheater. Once you’re a liar you’re always a liar,” she insists.

But her real issue seems to be that the house is slightly smaller than the Taj Mahal.

“If this is a starting over gift in my opinion it would not be acceptable for me,” she admits.

6. ‘Nobody has my back’

When Tamar and Traci exchange heated words, Tamar bursts into tears.

“Nobody has my back, ever. I’m always fighting for my position,” she whines.

Always fighting sounds about right …

7. ‘Ding ding ding … myself!’

While Toni mulls “showing her vajayjay” in Playboy, Tamar decides to take some racy photos of… herself, of course!

“My appreciation gift to Vince was — ding ding ding — myself, hello!”

8. ‘I’m so over’

Tamar’s best comments usually end with the phrases “dot com” or “dot org.” Here’s a video of her most “over the” moments.