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All in the Family

Love ‘em, hate ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. There are times when the last thing you want to do is spend time with your family. And we all have moments from the holidays and reunions that we’d like to forget.

But there is a bright side to not being able to get rid of relatives: sometimes they’re the only ones who’ll stick by you no matter what you do. Here are 10 annoying, embarrassing, infuriating or just plain ridiculous habits that only your kin will tolerate from you.

1. Un-politically correct comments.
You have a tendency to speak before thinking, which leads to outrageous comments that could end politicians’ careers. Your parents’ and siblings’ jaws may drop, but that doesn’t stop them from having Thanksgiving dinner with you.

2. Compulsive lying.
Traffic kept you from picking up your brother‘s graduation gift, you said? Drop the act, they already know it’s because you almost forgot about it.

3. Terrible table manners.
What do you do with all the forks and knives and spoons around your plate? You only really need one of each, right? And do you really have to stand up when someone on your table leaves? You and your fam are way too comfortable with each other to be this polite.

4. Irrational fears.
They know nothing will happen if you step on a crack on the sidewalk, but they also know they can’t stop you from jumping, skipping and doing anything physically possible from avoiding one.

5. Embarrassing fashion sense.
They’ve seen you in a poncho, bellbottoms, pleather pants, you name it. They’ll still proudly admit they’re related to you.

6. Awkward dancing skills.
Wherever there’s a dance floor nearby, your family already knows they’ll be seeing you do the Funky Chicken, the Running Man and the Macarena. They’ll laugh, but soon enough they’ll be joining you, too!

7. Bad taste in men.
There was the man who chewed with his mouth open, the grunter and the guy too addicted to his Blackberry to hold a real conversation. Throughout your dating adventures, they’ve met these men with smiles.

8. How you get when you’re tired/hungry/stressed/drunk.
It’s not your best behavior. Honestly, some toddlers have behaved better. But your family has seen you through it all and are still there when you’re complaining, crying and yelling.

9. How you really look like first thing in the morning.
You haven’t showered, brushed your teeth or had a cup of coffee. It’s not your best look. But they’re the only people in the world who won’t blink when you greet them in your pajamas at the front door.

10. Tired and corny jokes.
Yup, they’ve heard the one about the chicken, the “yo mama” jokes and all of the lines you’ve stolen from Dave Chapelle. They may groan when you tell your favorite “knock knock” joke for the 50th time, but they’ll also laugh with you.