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Ask Ms. E: Answers For Merredith B and Terrie E

You’ve watched Evelyn Braxton motivate and support her five daughters on WE tv’s Braxton Family Values, and now, as a life coach, she’s here to help you too.   See what advice Ms. E had to say to two of our fans below.


Merredith B: What kind of advice do you give your girls when they are struggling spiritually?

Ms. E: What I do when my children are struggling spiritually, I begin to pray for them as soon as they address me with this situation, asking God to show them all things that they should be Thankful for and for all he has done in our entire lives as a family unit, because we all are truly a testimony, nothing is never easy and if it is easy always remember it comes with a price, because God places obstacles in our life to see how determined we are with what were asking him for. A lot of times my Children call me out of the blue and just ask me for prayer and I drop whatever I am doing at that moment and we allow God to take control of that situation, because without him were nothing because he created us and he is our provider so his presence is our strength.

Terrie E
: My name is Terrie, and I’m 31 years old.  I don’t get along with my mother and it has been like that for most of my life. What can I do to make it better so me and my 4 little girls don’t go down the same road as me and my mother?

Ms. E: The first thing you and your Mother should do is sit down and come to a common ground on what things you both can do to improve your relationship. My first instinct would be is to attend church together with your daughter and afterward create some type of activities that all 3 of you can enjoy, because with your daughters seeing the positive interaction with you and your Mom, she will learn from what you both display and always make sure you’re creating your bond between you and your Daughter right now because at this time she will be more influenced with what she see so this will be very therapeutic for you all.

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