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Ask Ms. E: Answers For Ronda F and Amanda B

You’ve watched Evelyn Braxton motivate and support her five daughters on WE tv’s Braxton Family Values, and now, as a life coach, she’s here to help you too.   See what advice Ms. E had to say to two of our fans below.

Ronda F:  I know you are a mother of many children, and I only have two of my own. How do I get my husband to let my daughter grow up? He just can’t seem to let her go.  We started off as parents at a very young age; I was 15 and he was 18, so we really didn’t know much about parenting.  Now my daughter is 20 years old and he doesn’t let her date and he doesn’t like her friends. What advice would you give me to handle this situation? This is becoming a very big issue in my household because I feel the total opposite of how he feels.

Ms. E: Hello Ronda. Well, I have to be honest here – we, as parents, tend to overprotect our children when we aim for the best out of them. Perhaps the situation between you and your husband having your daughter at a very young age  continues to reflect in your mind, which is hindering you both to let her grow into a woman. Often times when we try to hold on to our children, to only view them as always being our babies, it holds them back from pursuing what they are aiming to accomplish in life which sometimes pushes them away from the parents.  I can honestly understand if she was still under the age of 18, but she is now a young woman. You both have to let her be who she is becoming, because if you do not, she may continue to grow and build resentment toward you. And with the love I see you both have for her, that is something you do not want. And in order to hold on to our children we have to learn to let go.

Amanda B: How do you, as a mother, give all of your daughters the same amount of attention so that they aren’t jealous or feel that you treat them differently?

Ms. E: The way I go about it is treating all of my children the same when my children were small. You have to remember I am a Mother of 6, so on the outside it would look to someone else that it is a very complicated task, but I spent time with my children as a whole which is one of the examples of why I taught them all to sing. In my household I made sure everyone knew that family is always first and will always be first right after God, which is why all of my children are so close now as well as they are close with me. We, as parents, have to spend as much time with our children and make sure that they understand that personalities are different with their siblings so extra time with one should not present itself as showing favor to one and not the other. We should always place our children as a high priority, so you have to make that connection to bond your children together, to stand by one another so that is were your bonding begins, because if they can’t get that 100% love from you, their direction to the outside will be totally different.

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