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Behind the Scenes With the Braxton Sisters: Fans Spill Secrets From Reunion Special

Missing the Braxtons already? So were these lucky fans, who were invited to catch up with the sisters at the live taping of the “Braxton Family Reunion” special.

At the reunion, which airs Tuesday, June 14th at 10|9c (right after the season finale of “Braxton Family Values”!), host Wendy Williams got the scoop on Toni’s money woes, Trina’s DUI, the sisters’ marriages and everything Tamar!

One fan who was invited to be part of the live studio audience called the taping the “experience of a lifetime!”

“It was nice to see all the Braxton sisters at one time and to see them interact ‘live,’ said Miss Malissia, a therapist from Arizona. “I loved being in the audience because one of my dreams was fulfilled … seeing Tamar.”

Bernadette H. of California said witnessing the sisters’ live reactions to Wendy’s questions was “surreal.”

“We were able to see for ourselves what the dynamic is like between all of them, especially with Tamar. All of the sisters interacted with us and wanted to make sure that we were enjoying ourselves.”

Like many “Braxton” fans, Bernadette believes “Braxton Family Values” is an “accurate portrayal” of what it’s like to have sisters.

“It’s the real deal, and I think it’s far better than any show involving the Kardashians!” she said.

Shirley Trammel, another fan who attended the reunion special, agreed.

“I enjoy the show because I have five sisters as well and understand the love and frustration you can get from having so many personalities,” she said.

But for Malissia (and countless other fans), the show is all about Tamar.

“I’m the youngest and I identify with her the most. I absolutely love her! She keeps it real at all times and she’s speaks very passionately about the love she has for her family while wanting the best for them at the same time.”

Leonetta Biddle of Los Angeles appreciated the sisters’ honesty at the taping.

“They are real people as opposed to the other reality shows, where you can tell they are acting,” she said.

Even better? Seeing what goes on when the cameras AREN’T rolling.

“Being in the live studio audience was so fun because I actually got to hear the crazy/funny behind-the-scenes conversations, which I know much will not make it on the air because the cameras weren’t rolling. But it further showed how real they are.”

Biddle and another fan, Monique Carraby-Valentine, also found “Braxton Family Values” to be a positive — and entertaining — reflection of the black community, and black women in particular.

“The show should be and is a catalyst for families (in particular black families) to address problems like infidelity, divorce, sibling rivalry and other aspects of familial life that may be overlooked or ignored in our homes and community. I just love this show and I can’t get enough of the Braxton clan!”

A big thanks to all the “Braxton Family Values” fans out there! See you next season!