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Evelyn on Episode 14: Stir Crazy

On last week’s episode, my son-in-law, Vincent Herbert, had a health scare that not only woke him up, but also the entire family. Vince could have lost his life at any given second, but with our prayers, love, and support we felt that God was not going to let that happen. Coming together as a family in support of Tamar and Vince is what was needed in order to get through this difficult time. The unfortunate situation reminds us that no family is exempt to such an unforeseen life change, but we must adapt and move forward with the help of dear family and friends. Certain life events within our own lives require The Braxton Family to come together not only in prayer, but to encourage and lean on each other as well. When I looked at my little girl Tamar going through such an emotional outcry of help, at that moment I no longer saw a little girl but a woman. We all saw a strong woman taking care of her husband and remaining to be as strong as possible despite the stress of it all. As a family, we continue to realize that if God cannot fix it, it simply just cannot be done. Vince is doing well and maintaining a healthy life going forward, and we have only but one person to thank; GOD!

Jeremiah 33:6
Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.

Evelyn Braxton – Look At God!