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Miss Evelyn on Episode 224: The Making Cut

Hello Everyone, this is my very first Blog for Braxton Family Values Season 2.5, although we are approaching the end of this mini season, I would like to thank everyone that has expressed their love for me and my family. It is truly appreciated because coming into filming Braxton Family Values I was very nervous for the way mine and my children’s lives would be depicted, thinking no one would understand that just because we have been in the spotlight due to Toni’s success, that we don’t have our own issues in life.

This episode is filled with a lot of surprises. I sat back and saw the determination in Gabe that he had for Trina to make his marriage work. Now keep in mind this was not easy because I have seen Trina hurt so many times on several occasions, but I know her hurt was because her heart is with this man. He has played a huge role in her life as well as my grandchildren Erica & Caleb, and I know he loves them. So when Gabe came to me for advice I was more than pleased to lend my hand to help him. I know Gabe has come a long way with all these demons he has faced in life and I feel he is sincere with his actions according to the help he has started to receive to make his marriage work, which is why I have given my hand to him in order to help the marriage between him and Trina work. So I had no questions to ask once Gabe came to me for help with regaining his love and trust for Trina, which lead to me giving him advice on advancing to what is to become in life because he poured his heart out to me. I know he is hurting and has acknowledged the pain he has put Trina through. I know that this time if he has not continued to do so with making my daughter happy I know my effort will not go unlooked because I have held out my hand out to him. So whether if it is successful I know I have done my part as a Grandmother and a Mother.

So with this being said, I hope everyone is enjoying Season 2.5 and we have so much in store with Season 3 approaching, so please feel free to follow me on Twitter @EvelynBraxton and also my website, I Love you all and will speak with you very soon.

Ms. Evelyn Braxton