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Tamar Braxton

Tamar on Episode 15: Soul-O Act

This was one of those episodes you think to yourself: “OMG I’m so scared! What if people really think I’m crazy?!” There was so much going on then… and Vince was still in the hospital. I begged Vince to let me cancel, because I felt HORRIBLE for having to leave. But while Vince was laying in his hospital bed, he made me go anyway and reminded me that your word means everything in this business, and the show must go on! I was so worried that I couldn’t concentrate on ANYTHING! And to make matters worse, my voice was in such bad shape, not only because I HATE vocalizing, but it was mostly due to all the stress I’d been going through. I was soooo nervous because this was the first performance I’d done without my sisters in 10 years. Not to mention, I’d been waiting for my chance to remind everyone why I don’t sing doo whoop pop anymore. 🙂 I just kept thinking “Wow- I’m here in ATL trying to figure out how I’m going to pull this off with all this stress!”

My sisters were really tripping cause they knew what we had to do. We had it all planned out, and it still managed to go left. Somehow it seems like, when it comes to me, everyone does them – with no regard to how it affects me. But it’s all good because through this whole process I feel like I’ve been undergoing the growing up that I really needed to do. Until now, I’ve never really done things on my own. I’ve always had the comfort of knowing my family was going to be around whenever I needed or wanted them to be. I’ve learned: sometimes you only have yourself to depend on, and that’s not a bad thing. For me, it made me a better wife, sister, daughter and NOW performer!!! It really all seemed impossible to get through, but thank GOD that through him I can do all things, especially the impossible. That was a “True Testimony” for me because in my head, I was a MESS…