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Tamar on Episode 2: Beauty School Dropout

Hey y’all it’s your girl! And I’m soooo happy that we get to chat every week. I’ve missed you all! This season I’m really trying to tone my mouth down a bit especially when it comes to my “advice” that I have for my sisters. I was really hurt when Toni said I can’t handle success and I took my notoriety to the head like a shot of platinum patron.

In addition, the very thought of Traci and my mother somewhat feeling the same way was pretty close to the burning effect of the shot. I promise I never thought things would ever get THIS out of hand, to the point where my mother felt like I would do something I would never DREAM of doing…. DISRESPECT HER??? NEVER! I honestly felt like they declared war and I was all alone in a one woman army. There was no way I could explain my way out of this one. I felt it was the only thing to do after I forgot my mom was there and cursed right in front of her. I knew it was A LOT more where that one curse word came from, so I felt the only option was to leave.

I was so confused when my mother said she would “slap the piss out of me” for doing so. HUH??? That was the LAST thing I expected even after I explained myself. But, hey she’s my mother, and I love her, and I’ll take this one cause that’s how SHE felt.

I love my family and I’ll always have their backs at almost everything and although he’s not my favorite person, I HAVE to agree with GABE when it comes to Towanda and Andre. He pretty much has worn out his welcome at everyplace including the Starbucks he goes to when he writes his ridiculous books on how a successful relationship is ran. He really needs to! Write a book on your lunch break at work.