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Towanda Braxton

Towanda on Episode 16: Bridezilla

Hi everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed the Bridezilla episode where we are helping Mommy plan her wedding with Doc. As you know, I was put in charge of her bachelorette party and decided to hire some strippers, which I thought would have been a very funny and exciting surprise for her – even though Mommy is very conservative. I really enjoy thinking outside of the box, because fun is always the best way. I mean, last year for her birthday she did enjoy the Hawaiian men; I’m just saying! But when she found out about our visit to the strip club, she was very upset. I can understand why, but I just wanted her to have fun, and there is nothing wrong with that. But hey, now I know LOL!

Me and my sister’s also thought it would be the best idea to inform our Dad about Mommy’s engagement, not because we were hoping they would reunite, but because we are working on rebuilding our family bond with him and just really wanted him to know. We knew he would be happy that she is living her life after their divorce, but deep inside (whisper) I think he is just a little bit jealous, because the first chance he had he made that phone call to congratulate her…mmmhmmmm Daddy. Needless to say, we were BACK in the doghouse with Mommy. We now understand why she felt the way she felt and we should have asked and confirmed with her before we invited him into the loop. The value of family is very important and we understand and respect her wishes.

With all that being said, I just ask that we continue to place family first and value every waking moment with them, because not many people have that blessed bond that The Braxton family has. Enjoy every minute because tomorrow is not promised. Until the next episode, enjoy your week everyone.


Towanda Braxton