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Towanda on Episode 8: NYC or Bust

It’s a challenge trying to juggle motherhood with being a working mom. There are not enough hours in the day to complete everything I set out to do. Unfortunately there are times that I have to chose, and let me tell ya, it isn’t easy. I love my children so much and want to provide for them; however, in doing so I miss many events, parties, smart phrases and most important, I miss them growing up. What matters most to me is that I don’t miss the most important things FOR my kids – like the first day of school, a first recital or graduating from pre-k and kindergarten. I remember as a child how I felt my very first day of school. I was nervous and wanted Mommie and Daddy to hold my hand the entire day until the bell rang. LOL.

What got me through the day was knowing one, that my parents were there for me, walking me to my very first classroom and two, they were there when I got home! I couldn’t wait to share my first experience with anyone who would listen…especially Mommie! There is just something special about having your mother there to console, hold and listen to you, and I am never going to deprive my beautiful children from having those moments that we will always cherish. I can’t deny that it is definitely a challenge, but I wouldn’t exchange motherhood for anything in the world. And if I don’t protect them and speak for them, who will?