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Traci Braxton

Traci on Episode 13: Critical Condition

Hello Everyone,

In Episode 13, I decided to act on what Toni said during the therapy with Dr. Sherry and actually start working on myself. Because I now understand that it was meant with love, I stopped looking at it through a negative light.So Tamar and I decided to go to a personal trainer who, I promise you, tried to kill us. We are not in Ghana, the rainforest, Africa or WHEREVER he is from – calling me WOMAN! As soon as I started managing my health more carefully, we received the news that B.I.L. (Vince) had been admitted into the hospital, which really encouraged me to manage my health more. Seeing him suffer was so life changing… words can’t even explain. And seeing what my baby sister Tamar had to encounter, I just refuse to put my family through something like that again. So many people supported Vince & Tamar with prayers on Twitter, Facebook and blogs, and encouraged her to stay strong. As you can see, God delivered. So thank you once again for allowing me and my family into your lives every Thursday.

We will continue to live up to the reason why we decided to do Braxton Family Values, which shows our viewers that no one life is perfect. We all have flaws and room to improve.

Love you all,

Traci Braxton