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Traci Braxton

Traci on Episode 17: Wedding Daze

Hello everyone,

I am finally putting in a full effort to get my own place in hopes of accomplishing my longtime goal of owning my own salon. I know this has been a question on everyone’s mind since I have not discussed it in a while, but I really feel that it is time to move forward, since all of my sisters are putting forth tons of effort to accomplish their own goals.

When I originally placed my ideas on the table to open the salon, my sisters were very happy for me because hair really is a passion of mine. But when I asked them to help finance it, things turned slightly sideways. I can’t deny that it slowed down the process, because I really approached them thinking they would become investors without asking any questions. I thought they’d just be happy that I was moving forward, but that was not the case when I revealed that I wanted to open it up in the DMV area (Which I think is a GREAT idea.) So I decided to sit down with my Dad and ask him to become an investor. I was very nervous, but I felt this was the stepping stone to get everything started. Now that I have put all of my focus on this I am determined to make it happen. My plan is to get my license by the end of this year, and during that process I will start locating promising spaces for my salon. My sisters fail to realize I am in an area where there are female politicians, successful lawyers… I mean I can go on and on, but just to break it down “THERE IS PLENTY MONEY IN THE DMV” – I’m just saying! So by my first year of opening I know I will be very successful. I just know once it takes off my sisters will realize that I was right and wasn’t just placing a non-existent goal on the table. I will then order a round of French connections and will yell out BOOM! LOL!

I hope everyone enjoys this episode. Once again, thank you for faithfully tuning in every Thursday night to support us.


Traci Braxton