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Traci Braxton

Traci on Episode 7: Family Feuding

Well, I am going to start off with saying that I really thank you all for supporting me from the beginning, you all have watched me grow into the Traci that I have always aimed to be. Now, with episode 7, it opened up a lot of frustration that I have had built up with Tamar. I feel even though I am her older sister, she does not respect my decisions on anything. It hurts, because the family unit between us is very thin. This is why we both agreed to see a family therapist, to air out all frustrations.

I still believe that Tamar is overlooking my point of view and emotions, and places hers first even though it’s something I feel strong about. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my sister, but the stored up anger finally came out and I honestly had to display how TRACI felt for a change and stand my ground. But at the end, Tamar is still my sister and I love her dearly, as I do with my entire family.

Thank you so much to everyone that watches us every Thursday night!