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Trina on Episode 5: My Graduation

There have been momentous occasions in my life. None more joyous than the birth of my children, but one other instance in close second, and that is my graduation day from college. My dad showed up for my graduation day, and that moment I will never forget. The way he and mom came together to make my day special was almost as important as the graduation itself.

I also taught my boys a valuable lesson about academia and the significance of education and reaching goals.  Completing my degree was a great accomplishment, but I have many more goals to realize (like my up and coming single “Party or Go Home”). I do wish more of my family came to support my day.  I want to say a special thank you to Towanda and her family for showing extended love on my special day.  In addition, I have a super special thanks to Gabe, who in spite of all of our muck, picked up the slack and picked up quite a bit of take-out when I had paper deadlines. Thank you so much Gabe. I appreciate it. On a lighter note… of course, such a momentous occasion deserved to go out with a bang- so…I partied TRINA STYLE! Need I say more! (lol).

I am very proud of me (myself), and know that it is never too late to be proud of YOU! Fulfill your dream, whatever it may be. Obstacles come to help us overcome challenges, and not forfeit when situations get in the way.  Life has its own series of tests. Rising to the occasion is what makes us stronger.  I am almost relieved that this chapter of my life is closed. I promise- I do not feel like writing another paper for at least a year.  However, we never finish learning. I have learned that love, and forgiveness conquers all and I am working on it (wink)!

Thank you to all of my Boom Boom’s who helped encourage me along the way! I love you all!

Trina E. Braxton

“Queen Boom Boom” (lol)