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Trina on Episode 9: Like Husband, Like Wife

To cheat, or not to cheat? What is cheating anyway? As many of you know, these past weeks have not been the best on an already estranged relationship between Gabe and I.  Amazingly, I will not address any particular issues, but I will say that while we have tried to keep it to ourselves, it is important to divulge that Gabriel and I have been separated since October of 2011.  The great thing is that he and I still get along.  We have made it no secret that Gabe has had an admitted problem staying “faithful.”  I must take the time to acknowledge that throughout the course of his “cheating” for most of our marriage, it entailed “cyber sex-ing.” Many women and men may not see this as a form of cheating, but I did and do.

Admitting that I, too, have fault in this relationship was a difficult step for me.  I have always prided myself in not only being very loyal, but also in not having very many notches in my belt.  My “transaction” was not to get anyone back in any way; however, it was a time in my life when I felt that I had something to prove to myself.

For me, I didn’t think it was right to constantly drudge up all of Gabe’s faults without admitting my own.  Obviously, we have a lot of hurdles to overcome if we choose to restore our marriage.  If we do, great – if not, that will be fine, too.  But, whatever we decide, it will be with an enormous deal of delicacy and prayer.

I have received an abundance of advice – I thank all of you for your concern. Please remember, you never know what you would do unless you are in a situation yourself. I would like to extend a special thank you to my boom-booms for their well-wishes and support. I LOVE YOU ALL! See you on Twitter… @trinabraxton | #TEAMBOOMBOOM

– Trina E. Braxton-Solis (Queen Boom Boom)