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WE Tells All: Braxton Family Values, A Look Back at Season One

WE all love the Braxtons, but the new episodes of Braxton Family Values won’t start until November (!) So, in the meantime, we thought we’d take a look back at the first season of this fabulous show and recap all of the fun drama that made us fall in love with these sisters the first time around…enjoy!

Episode 1, “The Bermuda Triangle”
We meet the ladies! Toni has a big concert planned in Bermuda and Trina and Tamar are singing back up…too bad Toni doesn’t show up for rehearsal, resulting in Tamar’s first, of many, tantrums. Traci is upset because she wasn’t asked to perform and Vince and Tamar go at it when the youngest Braxton challenges her Lady Gaga-managing husband about her own budding career.

Episode 2, “Sisterly Intervention”
Things get serious when Trina admits to getting a DUI and the girls decide it’s time for a sisterly intervention…only after confronting Gabe behind her back…yikes! Towanda and her man are also having problems and Trina is hopping mad over her sisters’ lack of support for her new band.

Episode 3, “It’s My Birthday”
The sisters fly to Miami to celebrate Toni’s birthday, but she’s not into the late night paparazzi-laden parties that have been planned. We hear some ‘personal’ details from the gals as they set sail on a private boat ride, and a pleasant dinner turns ugly when Tamar decides she knows what’s best for each of her sister’s relationships…

Episode 4, “I Love LA”
All the gals head to LA to visit Tamar, and are subjected to her lengthy list of house rules…she also decides to take Traci to charm school, Toni to the tanning salon and mom Evelyn to get botox! Things get serious though when Toni announces to the family that she has lupus and we see a softer side of Tamar that has been hidden until now.

Episode 5, “From Russia with Love”
Toni heads to Russia for a performance with Towanda and Trina, while Tamar stays home to take a meeting about her career and test out some fashion options, which Vince does NOT approve of. Trina tries couples therapy to sort out her marriage issues, while poor Towanda finds out she is being evicted!

Episode 6, “Getting the Band Back Together”
The sisters explore the idea of a Braxton album, but Toni’s not fully on board and Tamar refuses to participate without her. Trina looks to forgive her cheating husband by agreeing to buy a “start over” house and Tamar has a few choice words to say about it.

Episode 7, “Happy Birthday Evelyn”
It’s mom’s birthday! The ladies plan a lovely party for her, but the gifts turn out to be less than perfect when Traci and Trina buy presents for Evelyn’s dogs instead of her. Plus, the tension mounts between Tamar and Traci as they have a serious verbal battle that’s apparently been brewing for years.

Episode 8, “To Playboy or not to Playboy”
Toni is offered the chance to pose for Playboy and Tamar decides to plan a racy photoshoot for her as practice. Of course, Toni is not interested so Tamar takes the photos herself…and presents them to Vince at the ‘appreciation party’ she’s planned for him-complete with a belly dancing performance. And Ms. Evelyn goes on a very interesting blind date…

Episode 9, “You Can’t go Home Again”
The sisters take an emotional trip back to the house where they grew up…and almost get arrested in the process! Trina completes the community services assigned for her DUI and the family falls into dismay when Daddy Braxton stands them all up for brunch.

Episode 10, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”
It’s a super emotional season finale. The sisters still can’t come to an agreement over their potential album and Towanda serves separation papers to Andre. Plus, Dad finally shows up for dinner and he and Evelyn go toe to toe as she calls him out for his “lay it low an spread it wide” cheating ways!

This season of Braxton Family Values was a roller coaster ride of celebrations and tribulations and the sisters weathered through it all. What will happen next season? You’ll have to wait until Thursday, November 10th to find out- WE can’t wait either!