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WE Tells All: Braxton Family Values, “A Snooping Dog”

Well, the title of this episode pretty much says it all this week, but we’ll get to that later. In the meantime, let’s talk new projects-which it seems a few of the ladies have on the agenda.

First up, the ever-fabulous Tamar is given a radio hosting gig in Chicago, “Tamar’s Morning Riot”…an apropos title we think. She is super excited, although her sisters and hubby are a little less confident about her ability to pull it off. Nevertheless, tenacious Tamar not only drums up promotional support ahead of time at a huge concert (where her fans are singing her praises-any of you there?) but her first time on the air is a slam dunk too, as she AND guest host Vince, deliver a very entertaining show. Good for you Tamar, we’re behind you on this one!

Now on to Trina, who is telling her “ever trusting” husband (insert sarcasm here) that she is going to work on a solo music project that will keep her away from home even more. Gabe is less than thrilled about this, as he accuses Trina of cheating (um, “Hello, Kettle you’re black”- Pot). He then shows up uninvited at her next rehearsal and proceeds to give unwelcome choreography notes before being kicked out…hard to believe things get even more heated later on, but stay tuned.

Towanda is also dealing with relationship issues-Andre asks her to tell him how he can fix their marriage and (kudos to the lady) she tells him! 1. Be honest, 2. Respect me, 3. Get a JOB. Makes sense to us! All of this great info is then included in the book Andre is writing, “69 Ways to a Better Relationship”…which Towanda reads, but is not impressed…at least he’s trying??

And finally, the serious drama plays out when Gabe tells Trina that he put a gps tracking device on her cell phone. Yes, we’ll let you digest that for a moment-take your time. Done? We think Trina is pretty justified in her horrified reaction to this info, as she procedes to call her husband every low down name in the book and then serves up the BFV Quote of the Week: “I’m gonna kick his a$$ so far, he’s gonna need a GPS to find it!”…and we’re gonna agree with that one as well.

Next week, Traci is finally given the chance to sing with Toni and Trina double dates with Evelyn…interesting.

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