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WE Tells All: Braxton Family Values, “Beauty School Dropout”

There is so much going on for the sisters this week on Braxton Family Values, we hardly know where to begin. The ladies are in LA together and talking the usual hot topic of the Braxton family album-the latest being more of the same as Traci is disappointed by Tamar (finally) admitting she is doing her own thing and Toni refusing to commit.

Traci isn’t the only one getting ‘miffed’ at her superstar sister – Towanda is moving back to LA ‘temporarily’ to help train Toni’s new assistant. Andre is angered by this news and walks out on his estranged wife when she tells him the new plan; and it seems he has a right be upset when Toni eventually convinces Towanda to stay in LA and work for her again…this does not look good.

Meanwhile, Tamar is determined to get her solo career off the ground. She starts the episode working with producer, TC, but when he has the nerve to tell her she sounds off-key she walks out on him and meets up with Evelyn and Toni to ask for advice. Both tell her to follow her dream, so she schedules a secret meeting with new producer Harvey, who agrees to work with her. Ultimately Tamar does tell Vince about everything, but he seems less than supportive…maybe she shouldn’t have kept it a secret to begin with, thoughts?

Traci has also decided that it’s time to pursue her dreams-she wants to go back to beauty school and open a salon (despite the fact that singing is still her real passion). Her notion is met by mixed emotions, as her sisters tell her it’s a great idea, but will not offer any financial backing…hmm.

So what next? We can’t wait to find out what Andre says when he hears about Towanda’s decision…and will Tamar actually get along with her new producer? Next week can’t come soon enough!