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WE Tells All: Braxton Family Values, Bridezilla

A very indecisive Evelyn goes a bit bridezilla on her daughters who are working to plan the perfect wedding for Mommy and Doc. Meanwhile, Vince still insists to Tamar that he needs a dog and Toni gets to work on recording a new song… with her ex.


With the big wedding only a month and a half away, the girls join Evelyn in Atlanta to do some wedding dress shopping. Typical control freak Tamar instantly demands champagne at the bridal boutique and begins dismissing dresses before the ladies have a chance to see them. BFVQuotes: “Everybody knows that champagne goes with going to get your wedding dress. That’s, like, the best part of looking for the dress. They’re supposed to get you drunk and you buy a dress that’s completely out of your price range, DUH.” Everyone seems to have an opinion on the dresses except for the bride-to-be, who remains terribly indecisive about what she wants. (But for the record, WE think Mamma Braxton looked absolutely stunning in everything she tried on!)


Toni then returns to L.A. to work on her album while the girls head to the Atlanta Botanical Garden, a possible wedding venue. They discuss wedding themes and music, all of which Mommy has no clue about — she likes what everyone else likes (kind of like Doc!) BFVQuotes: “Sounds good to me. Yea, I like that. I love that. Right, OK.” The ladies explore the garden grounds, which resembles a miniature Jurassic Park, despite what the groundskeeper says. BFVQuotes: “Do you see these dreadlocks-lookin’ roots danglin’ in my face? Where am I?!” When discussing the guest count, Evelyn says 250 to 300, but the girls bicker over the number. My two cents: This is why Evelyn isn’t giving her opinion. Because one of her daughters always shoots it down!


The girls discuss more details over lunch, where to everyone’s shock, Evelyn orders a glass of wine. BFVQuotes: “I’m trying to stay relaxed. My daughters seem a little anxious about the wedding planning, and there’s no need for that. This should be a celebration.” Agreed, Mommy! When chatting about the bachelorette party, Evelyn firmly says no strippers. She also says that no, Daddy is not invited to the wedding, because she’s moved on.


Meanwhile in L.A., Toni meets with her ex-husband and producer, Keri Lewis, to work on her upcoming album. She admits she wants to take the lead with this album and really make her songs her own. Toni plays around with the keyboard looking for just the right sound for her single. BFVQuotes: “This album will be a little different than my past album. I think when you hear it, you’re immediately going to think, ‘Yea, this is classic Toni,’ but I’m going to give you a little twist. I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised.”


In NYC, Tamar and Vince are ready to go home, but they worry about a recuperating Vince flying. Vince says he’s ready to dive right back into work, but Tamar suggests he ease into it. Makes sense to us! When Vince again tells Tamar he wants a dog, she initially refuses but quickly relents when she realizes how happy it will make him.


Against Mommy’s wishes, Towanda, Traci and Trina hit up an Atlanta strip club for a potential bachelorette party spot. Her ONE solid opinion, and the girls disregard it! Sigh. BFVQuotes: “I thought we was going to have tea time for her. Mommy’s very conservative, she’s a lady… she’s going to slap the hen piss out of us.” While previewing the gentlemen, a seemingly well-endowed man by the name of Laser quickly removes his faux-cop outfit and begins grinding on the girls. BFVQuotes: “I had wieners and balls hitting my legs. Just sweaty balls.”


Tamar flies back to Atlanta to meet the girls and Daddy for dinner, where they break the news about Evelyn’s wedding. They exchange a few jokes, but Daddy admits he still has a place in his heart for her. When the sisters (minus Toni) meet at Evelyn’s to discuss more wedding ideas, and things seem to be coming together. Evelyn will be inviting 50 guests and the color will be blush (sounds beautiful!) When the phone rings, Daddy calls to congratulate Evelyn, who is polite but is not happy that the girls spilled the news.


Back in L.A., Toni is ready to get going on the recording process. She confesses to being a major perfectionist in the studio, which as an artist, she has the right to be, even referring to herself as a “Tasmanian Devil.” Toni lashes out a bit when she hears a few sounds she doesn’t like. BFVQuotes: “When did a cowbell get in the song? I didn’t put a cowbell in the song. What am I, a farmer?” In the end, Toni is happy with the results.


Meanwhile in Atlanta, Evelyn discovers that the girls auditioned a stripper. Naturally, she is insulted and worries she can’t trust their judgment. BFVQuotes: “That’s not fun for me. Lookin’ at naked behind men. That’s not fun for me! It’s one thing to see somebody walk like Denzel, but it’s another thing lookin’ at somebody’s hind parts.”


And in NYC, Tamar and Vince hit up the pet shop, where Vince falls in love with an adorable black puppy. SO cute!


Your thoughts… are the girls being fair with their decisions regarding Evelyn’s wedding? And how psyched are you for Toni’s album?! WE can’t wait!