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WE Tells All: Braxton Family Values, Ciao, Braxtons

WE feel like kids on Christmas morning!  The Braxtons are back ya’ll!

We left off with the sisters having some major beef in season two, and it looks like not much has changed.  BFVQuote: “Since that time, we haven’t talked a whole lot.”

Toni has invited Tamar over to talk about a special sister trip she is planning since everyone has been too busy to get together lately.  Unfortunately, it looks like Tamar attending this sister trip is not an option with three and a half weeks of press and studio time already planned.  BFVQuote: “But don’t talk about me like a dog because I can’t go.”  Kudos to Toni for keeping it real though and admitting the sisters will definitely be talking about Tamar a little bit.  Let’s face it… someone is always talking about someone, but WE understand that at this point the sisters are at a very sensitive place so anything can be hurtful.  On top of not being able to actually attend the sister trip, Tamar doesn’t even know if her presence is wanted since she hasn’t seen or spoken to her other sisters in a long time.

The sisters (sans Tamar) arrive in Italy and as Toni goes out to buy Towanda’s birthday cake, Trina and Traci distract her with some sightseeing.  BFVQuote: “Everything looks like a penis to me.  Like even that big tree looks like a penis to me.  That looks like a long, uncircumcised penis.”  The girls take a carriage ride down the 5th Avenue of Rome near the Spanish Steps, and as they ogle the fine designer names the subject turns to Tamar.  As Traci tries to explain Tamar’s side of the story, Trina is having a difficult time believing it.  BFVQuote: “I’m gonna get her a shirt that says velcro.”

Toni attempts to buy Towanda’s birthday cake while working on her Italian.  Luckily, the person helping her in the store speaks perfect English, but this doesn’t stop Toni from whipping out her Spanish (mixed with English) and passing it off as Italian.

While the sisters are in “Rome with love”, Tamar is hitting the pavement in New York for “Love and War” press.  BFVQuote: “I hate that I’m missing the Italy trip with the girls, but she could never turn down Wendy.”  While back stage, Tamar and Vince get their flirt on with each other and it is completely adorbs!  BFVQuote: “I don’t come second to no heffer.”  After some cute conversation, Tamar thinks how nice it would have been to vacation in Italy with the sisters, but then realizes it is super important for her to do whatever it takes to continue the success of “Love and War.”  Performing live on “Wendy Williams” is a huge deal, and Tamar rocks it.

Back in Rome, Towanda’s distraction is coming to an end so she can enjoy a great birthday lunch with her sisters.  However, a day in the life of a Braxton is not complete without some drama.  An Italian stud can’t help but get himself a taste of Traci.  BFVQuote: “Ohh, you pinched-a my ass-a!”  And of course, Trina is extremely jealous Traci got all the attention.  BFVQuote: “I’m looking super cute.  My jeans are basically painted on.  I mean, what do I have to do to get some pincherization?”  A day in the life of a Braxton is also never complete without a random song, and today’s song is dedicated to Toni finally being on time.  But the sisters focus on the real reason they are at lunch, and celebrate Towanda’s birthday with a cake meant for some other Spanish woman named, “Conalingus” that is as hard as a rock.

Vince and Tamar are out for a romantic, celebratory lunch and it is obvious how proud Vince is of his wife.  Even with all the success, Tamar is still upset about what is going on with her sisters and regrets always giving them a hard time about ignoring “sister time” when they were juggling careers and their family.  BFVQuote: “It’s not easy for me to give up my family time but I should get a little credit for thinking about my business.”

The sisters leave Rome and head to Revello on the Amaffi Coast for some more R&R.  Of course the Braxtons brings the antics with them as the beautiful scenery is interrupted by a pesky bee wanting a nibble of another queen… Queen Boom Boom!  BFVQuote: “Just river dance, Trina.  It will go away.”

Tamar is hosting the red carpet at the Soul Train Awards, and with this being all about fashion and music you know she is going to kill it.  Tamar is even running into celeb fans of her own, including Erica Hubbard, Ginuwine, and John Legend.  BFVQuote: “It’s just like Tamartians are taking over the world.  They’re everywhere.”

The ladies head to a winery to learn about the process, stomp some grapes, and have a little taste.  Like Lucy and Ethel before them, Toni and her sisters create their own memorable grape stomping moments with a lot of laughter and a lot of clumsiness.  Our favorite grape stomper is of course Traci who does it with a lot of man power and a lot of f bombs.  BFVQuote: “I beat ya til your butt turns red.”  However, when the owner of the winery takes a sip of the feet-tastic sludge, the girls are set over the edge.

After getting a bit dirty, the girls charter a boat to the island of Capri that may be the grand finale to Towanda’s birthday celebration.  What may also act as a finale is Trina’s desire to go topless, and Towanda’s echoing support of the act.  BFVQuote: “We’re in Italy.  When in Rome!”  It will be difficult to top that, but Toni has one more surprise as a old fashion convertible limo picks the girls up and takes them to a beautiful restaurant overlooking the Amaffi Coast.  Unfortunately, the girls miss Tamar but feel like she didn’t come because she would not want to be apart from Vince.  BFVQuote: “However comma one or two days are not going to hurt you, Tamar Braxton.  If you can pull yourself away from the Velcro, perhaps you can have fun with your sisters.”  Trina asks the sisters to all have a line in her boutique, and Toni invites everyone to visit her in Canada while she films her movie.  Toni makes the sisters promise to bring Tamar, and it seems like everyone is supportive of that idea… for now.

Unfortunately the Italian love affair has come to an end, and Toni is paying Tamar a visit to discuss some of the issues that arouse in Italy.  BFVQuote: “I call all of my siblings.  I damn near begged them to come and hang out with me and the answer is always no, or there is no answer.”  Tamar insists she is not mad at anyone, and had no idea anyone had beef.  BFVQuote: “Girl, have several.”  This looks like a job for Ms. E.  BFVQuote: “Life it too short for this foolishness.”  If this drama doesn’t get cleared up, Toni is seriously worried about the state of the sisterhood in Canada.

Will the sisters be able to put their issues aside and enjoy sister time in Canada?  Will Tamar take Ms. E’s advice and fix the problem with Towanda?  What are you looking forward to this season?  WE want to hear from you!