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WE Tells All: Braxton Family Values, Desert Divas

After an explosive, emotionally charged therapy session, the sisters go on a desert retreat to resolve their issues, have fun and strengthen their bond. But as it often goes in the Braxton clan, things don’t quite happen as planned.

Following Toni’s big disappointment during the Georgia Music Hall of Fame induction, the sisters find themselves at a crossroads, unable to see eye-to-eye on anything. While discussing their issues during a session with Dr. Sherry, Tamar tells Toni she wants to be treated like a friend and sister, not a fan; a teary-eyed Trina admits that she wants Towanda to move out; Towanda and Toni reiterate that Tamar has gotten extremely mean, who unsurprisingly gets defensive and plays the victim. The weaves hit the fan when Toni honestly states that Traci needs to lose 20 to 40 lbs. BFVQuotes: “She needs to stop thinkin’ that her tummy stickin’ out is hot, ‘cause it’s not. She’s too cute of a girl not to care and to let herself go like that.” Naturally, Traci goes on the defense over Toni’s personal request that she slim down; her feelings are visibly hurt, and she storms out.

Toni then admits that she wants time to focus on herself as a woman, building her own identity. When Traci returns to Dr. Sherry’s office, she explodes into a regret-filled rage, stemming from a record deal in the 1990s that her sisters all signed, and Traci did not, because she was pregnant at the time. An angry Traci ends the session by saying she wants distance from her sisters.

During a family dinner at Evelyn’s, Tamar tries to get Traci to open up, who declines. BFVQuotes: “Tamar, unlike you, everybody don’t need to be shootin’ off at the mouth all the time.” Tamar attempts to relate to Traci feeling left out, which quickly backfires. BFVQuotes: “Like, for real?! Traci and I always seem to be on the outside, while Towanda and Trina act like they’re in Toni’s ‘Get Fresh’ crew! All I wanted to do was stand up for Traci, and she still don’t have my back.” When Towanda says they often take turns being outsiders, Toni suggests they go on a sisters’ retreat to reconnect. So they jet off to the luxury Montelucia Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona.

After a day of shopping, the girls spend their first night at the resort taking shots together and switching country line dancing for some wild cage dancing. Back in their room, they relax in their pajamas and order a late-night snack from room service, making sure to flirt with the cute young waiter.

During breakfast the next morning, Trina opens up about her rocky marriage with Gabe. Toni then shares that she and Keri are officially over, and he is moving out. When the girls head out for an afternoon of horseback riding, Toni skips out, which upsets her sisters. What they don’t know is that Toni wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to be out in the sun with her Lupus, so she decided to spend the day at the spa, instead.

While Toni gets a facial and massage, Trina, Towanda, Traci and Tamar sort of have a blast playing diva cowgirls — horseback riding, shooting guns and throwing axes. BFVQuotes: “I’ve been horseback riding before, however, there’s usually some kind of a stable, and the horses are separated. It’s not like this okay corral where all these horses are just standing around together. It’s very intimidating.” The one thing the sisters can all agree on is that this resort is just a wee bit overly outdoorsy. BFVQuotes: “Peeing horses and poop and dirt and flies?! Get me the hell out of here.” When it comes time to play John Wayne at the shooting range, Traci comes into her own. BFVQuotes: “I’m not used to these old-timey western guns. Now a long-barrel .45? That’s how we roll in the DMV.”

After a fun weekend in the desert, Toni sits alone on the plane ride home, which further upsets the girls, who think she is being a bit snobbish and aloof. In reality, Toni is just afraid of flying. On the other side of the airplane, Tamar announces that she wants to do an album, which visibly excites Traci. The girls then exchange friendship bracelets, with Toni sitting completely alone, missing out on the sisterly bonding.

Do you think the retreat helped the girls’ increasingly tumultuous relationships with each other? What could Toni do now in order to better her bond with her sisters? Comment with your thoughts!