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WE Tells All: Braxton Family Values, Family Feuding

Well, last week the family was uniting and this week they’re fighting…seems like a regular family to us! Let’s start with Trina and Gabe- Towanda and Andre are still living with them and they finally agree (to Trina’s dismay) that the time has come for them to move out if they ever expect to improve their own relationship.

Elsewhere in LA, Towanda is convincing Evelyn to go on a blind date with her “friend of a friend” (Towanda later admits that she never actually met the guy…oops). Evelyn reluctantly agrees, but when she gets to the restaurant finds out that Ralph is only 27-years-old (!). Too young for her comfort, BFV Quotes: “Where is his Daddy for God’s sake?!”…Ev makes her exit after five minutes. She later addresses the situation with her daughters over lunch and expresses her annoyance with Towanda’s dating choice…the rest of the girls agree and have a good laugh when Momma Braxton chooses to describe the boy using some slang terminology that should NOT be coming from such a classy lady…we’ll let you watch to see what we mean 🙂

Back at Tamar’s later, she is trying to explain to Traci why she should open a salon in LA instead of Maryland. Traci is not so sure, BFV Quotes: “I don’t know if you really don’t like Maryland…and Maryland is point blank nutbush…” Tamar even sets Traci up with an apprenticeship at high-end salon, Giuseppe Franco, but when the job includes making coffee and sweeping up hair, Traci decides it’s not for her…can’t really blame her there.

The drama continues when the sisters (sans Towanda) meet for dinner and Trina expresses concern about asking her sister to move out. She gets very emotional, but the ladies assure her that she is making the right decision for everyone. They also decide it’s something to take up with Dr. Sherry.

Meanwhile, it’s also time to plan for Towanda’s birthday. Trina and Gabe head out to look for costumes for the party…Gabe suggests using the gathering to talk about the move, Trina disagrees. Unfortunately that doesn’t stop him from handing Towanda a mover’s gift card at the dinner…upsetting everyone. Nice one Gabe.

And the arguing is spreading…this time it’s Tamar and Traci who get into it when playing a game at Tamar’s. The verbal chaos escalates until both ladies are heated and Tamar says she feels physically threatened…which we think might be a little exaggerated…thoughts? Both girls do agree to go to counseling though, and everything seems to be headed in a better direction after hashing out some old feelings with Dr. Tara at the end of the episode.

Next week the ladies are heading to NYC for a major performance, and let’s just say that ‘stuff’ really hits the fan (!)