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WE Tells All: Go Hard or Go Home

Tamar and Toni hit the pavement trying to find comfortable yet fashionable shoes to fit Tamar’s expanding pregnancy feet.  BFVQuote: “She’s a very grumpy, pregnant diva.”  Tamar refuses to wear flats (at least at this point of the pregnancy) and Toni is trying her hardest to convince Tamar otherwise.  BFVQuote: “This beat does not go with a flat.”  No matter what option Toni presents to Tamar, her answer is a big, fat no.  BFVQuote: “I’m not cooking rice, Toni!”  Tamar won’t even listen to the saleswoman who presented a great compromise.  Tamar finally finds a pair of short, wedge boots that they can both agree on.  Tamar loves them so much she breaks out into the “Baby Dance.”  This spectacle is some kind of ridiculousness, but WE can’t say we aren’t completely amused.  BFVQuote: “Thank you, girl cuz my feet hurt like hell.”

Traci and Trina are in Charlotte for the CIAA Tournament where they will both be performing solo.  Trina is super nervous to perform, especially since it got cut from Toni’s show recently.  BFVQuote: “Now that I’m getting a second chance I can finally put all of that behind me.”  Traci will be singing the Black National Anthem and this is really a great chance for Traci to “come out of her shell.”  BFVQuote: “My little mollusk.”

Towanda is helping a sister out by hooking Tamar up with a personal assistant from her Secret Squirrel School.  BFVQuote: “He’s kinda like the gay version of Tamar.” However, we know Tamar would sit her butt down on the couch even without being properly asked.  But, James is serving up some fabulous purse game that catches Tay Tay’s eye immediately.  BFVQuote: “I became a squirrel.  And I’m just running up the tree.”  Their personalities are so similar it is frightening.  Between the one liners, the quick wit and the comical sayings, WE are dying.  Tamar agrees on a test run shopping trip to see if James is really assistant material.

Back in Charleston, Traci is having her last sound check before her big solo performance at CIAA.  Traci is really nervous, but since Trina won’t be performing until tomorrow she can look to her to calm her down.  BFVQuote: “Sister magic.  TING!”  Being fearful of someone taking her black card, Traci knows she needs to get all the words right and nail this performance.  BFVQuote: “For real though, somebody please help me!”  Even though Traci may look calm to Trina, she is a wreck.  BFVQuote: “I don’t have to keekee.  You know how many times I sat down and it’s not coming?”  There is a lot of pressure on Traci to do well after walking off stage at Toni’s performance and dancing to her own beat during Trina’s recent performance.  BFVQuote: “I know if I want to be a singer I have to go out there and do the right thing.”  Luckily, Traci does a great job!  BFVQuote: “It is Traci season, honey!  Yesss!”

Back in L.A., Towanda and Tamar take James on his official interview.  James must pour Tamar some fro yo, hold her purse, and taste whatever Tamar wants him to taste.  BFVQuote: “His taste buds right now… they go together.  They are like boyfriend and girlfriend.”  Tamar does not want to put on any extra weight, so having James eat everything in the store and describe it to her is the next best thing.  However, this goes downhill for James once he starts to taste some funky stuff.

It is now Trina’s turn to rock center court!  However, there is a small problem… you can only wear white soled shoes on the basketball court.  Looks like someone is going shopping!  BFVQuote: “I’m gonna look really stupid performing a dance song by myself.”

It is time for Tamar to make a decision about James, but first she will complain some more about being pregnant.  BFVQuote: “How do fat people do it?”  With that, Towanda uses up all her self control to not say a smart comment.  It also looks like James must restrain himself too.  BFVQuote: “My husband is not fat.  He is just tubs of lovin’, ok?”  James’ fate depends on whether or not he could get along with Vince, but with pregnant Tamar being even more EXTRA, it may be too much for poor Vince to bear.  BFVQuote: “I don’t need two queens in the house right now.”

It’s almost “Game Time” for Trina, and it looks like her dancers have found appropriate center court shoe game.  BFVQuote: “Thank God for Jesus!”  The first thing Traci notices as she comes backstage to wish Trina luck is Trina’s “ample” bust.  BFVQuote: “I thought I was gonna play bongos.”  This is Trina’s largest audience so she is right to be nervous… plus, she is going to have to stomp out in those thigh high hooker heels!  BFVQuote: “I am shaking in my sparkly boots!”  It looks like the crowd is really enjoying Trina’s song and performance, and Traci is definitely her sister’s biggest fan.  This is a big performance for Trina where she feels she will earn respect for singing “her kind of music.”  BFVQuote: “I felt like one of my ootie booties was gonna come out.”  Traci even reinforces the fact that the pom poms really worked with the routine.

Back home in the ATL Towanda and Traci take Mommy shopping to get her mind off of finalizing the move.  Evelyn would love Tamar to embrace her pregnancy, but the sisters can’t help but remember how Tamar was with all their pregnancies.  BFVQuote: “You don’t know until you go through it.”  It seems like Evelyn is trying her hardest to defend Baby Tay Tay, but all that’s doing is annoying the sisters.  Apparently Evelyn has a much different memory of each of their pregnancies, including the girls’ attitudes.

Trina just got the video of her CIAA performance, and the two biggest critics, Tamar and Toni have come over to sample.  Immediately, these two are hung up on the sex of the dancers, the use of pom poms, and everything else about the performance.  The faces on these ladies says it all.  I’m just surprised they are being this silent so far, but you know that all is about to change.  BFVQuote: “Toni, don’t you want dried up packets of food lookin’ at them boots?”  At least the sisters think Trina sounded good!  BFVQuotes: “I think Toni is hard on me because she wants to see me succeed.”  At the end of the day, at least Trina can take two things from this performance… leave the boots and the pom poms at home.

Next week, Evelyn looks like she has had just about enough complaining from Tamar, Evelyn goes out on a date and it’s not with Doc (gasp!), and Toni does press for her movie!