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WE Tells All: Braxton Family Values, Like Husband, Like Wife

Now that the Braxton ladies are back in Los Angeles, it’s drama as usual with family fights, infidelity ’fess-ups and meddling mothers who mean well.

Following on the heels of their successful performance in New York, Tamar gathers the ladies together to chat music over martinis. When she suggests recording a song without Toni and pursuing the Braxton family album, Traci scoffs at the idea, not wanting to get her hopes up again and interrupt her cosmetology career. Towanda reminds the girls that Traci originally wanted to do the album the most, BFVQuotes: “We ain’t gon’ do no Braxton album! We ain’t gon’ do no Braxton album!” The sisters finally agree over a toast to move forward with the record while remaining true to their individual passions.

Over pedicures, Evelyn and Traci have a heart-to-heart about the album idea, where Evelyn suggests a surprise replacement for Toni… herself. Traci is left dumbfounded, but as her mother says, BFVQuotes: “When you get a certain age, you don’t give a rat’s snake behind what people say.”

Meanwhile, party girl Trina confesses to Tamar and Towanda that she recently had an “oral transaction” with a band member. Unfortunately, it was a “one-way street,” which Tamar doesn’t let go unnoticed, BFVQuotes: “But he at least shoulda ate the pie in order for him to get to the cream, Trina!” (Agreed, Tamar!) The ladies (and Jesus) convince Trina not to mention the indiscretion to her cheating husband Gabe who tends to track her whereabouts, and that in fact, she should be checking up on him more often. Over lunch, this sexy situation is discussed in further detail with Traci present, who stands firm in also not telling Gabe, along with the fact that Trina should have gotten hers, saying, BFVQuotes: “You don’t just give slobbery knobs to anybody! You have to know him at least three months or so.” Big sister Toni has the final weigh-in, who also agrees that Gabe shouldn’t find out, for fear of how he may react.

Over dinner and drinks with Evelyn, Trina mentions that she got her bartender’s license, and Tamar makes a rude joke about Gabe’s cheating. Naturally, a tipsy Trina boldly opens up about her own infidelity, so the whole family is in the know. BFVQuotes: “I sucked on a #$(% (Bleep!)! I sure did, and I liked it, and I enjoyed it! Excuse me, Mommy, I’m sorry. But you know what? I tasted it, I sucked it, and I liked it. It was a payback like a #$(% (Bleep!),” shouts Trina in front of an appalled Evelyn. When Toni then accuses Tamar of being a “mean girl,” a blowout between the sisters ensues, with Tamar exploding into a defensive rant.

Later that evening, Evelyn plays peacemaker and calls the girls together for a truce. Tamar expresses her feelings, stating that she feels alone in the family, and when Toni refuses to apologize, Tamar storms out.

Evelyn later fills Towanda in on the fight, and she again brings up the idea of singing on the album. Towanda’s reaction matches Traci’s.

At therapy with Gabe, Trina admits to the affair, and Gabe feels betrayed. When it comes into question whether or not they have an open marriage, Dr. Sherry suggests that they seriously reevaluate their relationship.

Was Trina right to come clean to Gabe? When trust in a marriage is repeatedly broken, what should be done? Comment with your thoughts!