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WE Tells All: Braxton Family Values, NYC or Bust

So this week, it’s all about the sisters performing, minus Toni, in New York City and tempers are flaring as they try to put together a show in just a few days.

Things start off pretty innocently at Tamar’s where the girls meet to decide what they will perform at the woman’s executive luncheon-they land on a Diana Ross cover from back in the days of The Braxtons, but when vocal coach Terence comes in to give them a ‘tune-up’ they realize they are more than just a little rusty, as Tamar notes, BFVQuotes: “Let the cat come out in this throat, boo! There ain’t no cat in here!”

And the dust is not just on their vocal chords, as we see during their first choreography session…per Trina, BFVQuotes: “We pretty much suck right now.” (ouch). The frustration turns ugly when Towanda says she needs to leave to take her son to his first day of school and Tamar deems this unprofessional behavior- a serious blowout ensues and Tamar walks out after Towanda tells her that her bad attitude is the reason every group she’s ever been in has failed (double ouch).

Eventually Towanda reschedules her flight and the session continues the next morning…true to form, Tamar is still huffing and puffing for an apology and Vince convinces her to just get back to work.

Meanwhile in Atlanta, Ms. Evelyn and Mr. Doc are on again! He is sweeping Momma Braxton off her feet and telling her that he wants to take their relationship to the next level…and it seems Evelyn is game this time around, BFVQuotes: “He’s just a perfect gentleman and I think he’s wearing me down a bit.” Yay! (We like Doc 🙂 )

It’s finally just about show time in NY and the ladies are a nervous wreck. Tamar is still squawking about the fact that they are not ready, Traci has had to show HER the moves again (irony at its best) and the clothing choices from the stylist are not up to par…at least not according to Tamar, BFVQuotes: “We’re about to look a hot mess!”

The show must go on however, and the sisters pull it off-it’s not perfect, but they looked pretty darn good to us! (literally, a bunch of us from the WE tv team were there!)

Next week, more drama from the ladies…and you won’t want to miss it-trust us…