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WE Tells All: Braxton Family Values, Rocky Relationships

After last week’s desert diva bonding session, the ladies are hard at work mending (or moving on from?) their relationships with their men.

Tamar and her husband Vincent jet off to Chicago to speak at a relationship seminar…you know, because they’re the pinnacle of wedded bliss. On the way to the airport, Vincent drops a bomb that he and Tamar will need to move into their new house within a month. BFVQuotes: “He found a place that’s big enough for us. It has a lot of room for all my babies. And by my babies, I mean my shoes. I don’t need no real babies right now because shoes don’t even cry.”

Meanwhile, following rehearsal for an upcoming showcase, Trina hits up the bar for several martinis and shots with her band. She is subconsciously trying to avoid her issues at home with Gabe, along with the fact that she recently told Towanda to move out.

What Trina doesn’t know is that Towanda has recently saved up enough cash for a down payment on a house! The subject comes up during an outing with her separated husband, Andre, who is hoping to move in and make things work. When he admits that he hasn’t been to marriage counseling like Towanda had asked, she immediately shoots him down.

The next day, having slept at a hotel so as not to drink and drive, Trina returns home, again hoping to avoid Gabe. No such luck. He confronts Trina about her avoidance issues and admits he wants to try to resolve their problems. This is hard for Trina, who still sees Gabe as a serial cheater.

In Chicago over dinner, Tamar and Vince establish that they are both getting on each other’s nerves during this business trip. When Tamar sees the cute, blonde waitress flirting with Vince (so she thinks), she blows her snippity-snappity fuse. BFVQuotes: “Don’t be winkin’ at my man in my face, boo.” When the waitress encourages the couple to try a white and dark meat-infused chicken, Tamar goes to town, hilariously referring to it as “segregated chicken,” “zebra chicken” and “a hotdog.” BFVQuotes: “You know what’s good? Me. I’m the chicken breast you lookin’ for…that looks like a bunch of fried-up cow balls. I’m still pretty, and I am delicious.” Vincent’s answer? “I’m gonna pray for you.”

Andre helps Towanda move into her beautiful new house, who again tries to weasel his way back in. And Towanda puts her foot down again with the counseling card. Sorry, Andre.

During a meeting with Dr. Sherry, Trina finally admits that she plum doesn’t like Gabe. After she caught him behaving inappropriately with yet another female, she quit wearing her wedding ring. BFVQuotes: “He asks me, ‘Why aren’t you wearing your ring?’ Take it! Pawn it! I don’t want it! The symbolism is gone. It means nothing to me.” The session concludes with Trina stating that she no longer wants this marriage with Gabe, and that she is done. Gabe moves his stuff out of their bedroom into a different room in the house. As he says: it may be the beginning of the end.

Later that night in Chicago, Tamar is displeased to find out that she and Vince are hosting a speed-dating event at a local club. BFVQuotes: “This ain’t the big league! This is small-time French fry.” Nonetheless, the event goes off without a hitch, and Tamar and Vince quit their playful bickering long enough to give a heartwarming speech about dating and love.

Towanda invites Evelyn and her sisters over to her gorgeous new house; everyone is visibly thrilled. Except, Tamar insists on making the good news about her (shocker!), constantly questioning the whereabouts of Andre, even going so far as to demand that one of Towanda’s Yves Saint Laurent bags, and one of her coats, and several sweaters, are actually hers. Why go shopping when you can just go to your sister’s, right? 🙂

Your thoughts — do you think Tamar and Vince have a rock-solid relationship? What is it that makes their union work? And is there hope at all for Trina and Gabe, along with Towanda and Andre? Sound off! Comment with your thoughts.