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WE Tells All: Braxton Family Values, Season 2 Premiere

We’ve waited and waited…we’ve counted down the days…and now FINALLY the season two premiere of Braxton Family Values has arrived! This episode was everything we could have hoped for…and then some.

First a quick recap on our fave family: Season one was a huge success, catapulting the ladies into the spotlight, a familiar place for Toni but fairly new for her sisters, which has caused some tension amongst them. Toni has moved to LA, Towanda is working on her acting career, Trina is going full-throttle with her new band, Traci is still waiting for the Braxton Family Album to materialize and Tamar is hard at work on her solo project.

A lot seems to have changed for the girls since we last saw them, but their dynamic family relationship is still in tact-case in point, our first look at Toni’s new pad. Traci and Evelyn come to visit and the superstar reveals that Tamar has secretly been working on an album without telling the others. Both mom and Traci are angered by the dishonesty and all three of them call out Tamar later on when she blatantly lies to them about her intentions (oh Tamar…). After some choice words, Tamar ultimately storms out- leaving Ev, Toni and Traci hopping mad.

Things are not going so smoothly in Atlanta either. Towanda and Andre have moved in with Trina and Gabe, and Gabe is less than thrilled. Annoyed by their noise and inability to pay rent, he heads from his home office to bust in on Trina’s band rehearsal, demanding to talk about it. Needless to say, this visit is not well-received and Trina accuses him of showing up because he doesn’t trust her. This leads to a session with Dr. Sherry, who tells the couple they need to ask Towanda and Andre to leave if they want to work on their own marriage (much to Trina’s chagrin).

And just so you don’t think everything is serious…a little fun is sprinkled in when Tamar finds out that Toni has started dating her ex! She tries unsuccessfully to deny it, as Tamar writes an impromptu song about the ‘interesting’ situation…maybe she should put that on her new album…?

Moving on, Tamar is not off the hook yet. Evelyn is furious about her behavior at Toni’s and drops by to tell her so. The two have an intense argument that ends with mom telling her daughter she will “slap the p*ss out of her” if she ever disrespects her like that again. Ouch. Note to self-do NOT get on Evelyn’s bad side.

Overall, an emotional start to the season and things are only going to get better. Next week it looks like Towanda might be moving back to LA and Tamar is refusing to cooperate with her new producer…here we go again.