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WE Tells All: Sister Act

Mama E. has touched down in L.A.!  Tamar is glad Mommy has come to live in L.A. because not only can Mama E help out when Tamar gives birth, but Tamar can also watch what Evelyn eats.  BFVQuote: “I am your food angel.”  If Tamar continues to treat Evelyn like the child in the relationship, Mama E might just pack up her stuff and head back to Atlanta.  But, WE agree with Tamar… Evelyn must make sure she is eating right!  Mama E is excited to put on her apron and show Tamar a thing or two about how to make your man happy.  BFVQuote: “Let me tell you something… ain’t nobody got time for that!”  And just like that, Tamar heads to a meeting and leaves Mama E to tend to some defrosted chicken.  BFVQuote: “Go to s-t-o-v-e first.”

Back in Atlanta, Trina and Towanda are meeting with Jonathan to work on some steps for Trina’s new single, “Game Time.”  BFVQuote: “I just need a little workerization.”  Toni has invited Trina to perform at her upcoming show, but Towanda is concerned about the actual performance after seeing the rehearsal and finding out one of the dancers had to go to China.  Then Jonathan drops a bomb and says he won’t be able to make the performance either!  BFVQuote: “I think I got my dates confused.”  Trina definitely had a vision for her “Game Time” performance including dancers and silver pom poms, but she may need to rethink this.  BFVQuote: “Pom poms are the perfect adorable accessory.  Plus, they’re kinda sexy.”  Towanda’s solution is for her and Traci to fill in as backup singers and dancers, but Trina looks less than convinced.  BFVQuote: “It’s still Toni Braxton’s show.”

Traci has agreed to help out Trina for her performance, but first she must go shopping with Tamar.  BFVQuote: “All she does is shop and eat.”  While sniffing candles, Mama E suggests for Tamar to attend a parenting class to just learn someone else’s point of view on parenting.  BFVQuote: “It ain’t really that hard.”  Even Traci thinks it’s a good idea for Tamar to get a little schooling in how to be a mama.  BFVQuote: “Once that baby comes out your coody poo poo, honey child you are in a different mode.”  Of course Traci doesn’t stop there… she goes into full birthing details including the possibility of crapping all over the place and details about after birth!  BFVQuote: “I think that’s absolutely disgusting that I have to give birth to a sack after I give birth to my baby.”

Trina and Toni are at Center Staging in L.A. rehearsing for their upcoming performances.  Toni is concerned about Traci and Towanda still not knowing the choreography a day before the performance.  BFVQuote: “Nobody knows the choreography?”  Poor Traci and Towanda can’t get through 10 seconds of choreography before Toni yells “cut” and tries to direct this cluster.  BFVQuote: “I have six hours to get this shit right.  Really?”  Traci really has a lot to prove, but she is willing to put in the time to make sure it is on point.  Toni isn’t even convinced when the group performs “Party or Go Home” based on Trina’s too high heels complicating her strut.  BFVQuote: “If you’re in your 30’s you should not be using pom poms unless you are with your guy in private.”

In between the rehearsing, the ladies take Tamar to her first parenting class.  BFVQuote: “I haven’t seen my purse in a few months.  I can’t look down and see my purse!”  And yes… that purse.”  To build up Tamar’s endurance to pain the instructor makes everyone hold an ice cube in their hand for as long as possible.  BFVQuote: “Is my cooch gonna feel like my hand?  Because it hurts.”  After that, the instructor shows Tamar what her cervix will look like using what looks like an old sock.  WE are scarred and so is she, me, her!  BFVQuote: “It’s not like I can go out and buy a new python bag.  It’s my purse for life.”  Then the conversation turns to inverted nipples.  WE don’t know what is going on, but WE definitely don’t like it!  BFVQuote: “They’re gonna hang like somebody’s b*lls and I don’t want my t*ts looking like b*lls.”  Tamar only seems to perk up when the teacher, Lauren mentions that she can drink while physically breastfeeding since it won’t have time to make it through the body.  BFVQuote: “That’s fabulous, but that is so hood rat though.”

Trina and Tamar meet for lunch and Trina has taken this opportunity to wear her “fashion forward pants.”  BFVQuote: “They are very ‘I Dream of Geenie’ ish.”  Trina fills Towanda in on her L.A. moving plans, mainly with “opportunity” being the top reason.  It looks like the only thing standing in her way is the possibility of Eric going to school in Atlanta.  Trina accuses Towanda of being a stick in the mud, but it seems like Towanda is just trying to look at the bigger picture and try and voice her concerns.  BFVQuote: “You are being very unfun.”  Trina rats out her sisters and tells Towanda this was all Toni and Tamar’s idea.  Towanda does NOT seem happy, but it still not an option for her to follow everyone and move to L.A.

It’s the day of Toni and Trina’s show, and the crew has arrived for sound check.  BFVQuote: “I don’t know if Trina can pull it off because her nerves and lack of professionalism is getting the best of her.”  It also doesn’t help that Traci is late and is getting mic-ed while she is trying to perform the moves.  This is not the best thing for Toni to see when she already has doubts.  BFVQuote: “We look like sh*t on shingles.  I’m embarrassed.”  Toni decides to cut “Game Time” and Trina is really disappointed. On the bright side, Trina doesn’t need to worry about getting her sisters up to speed on the choreography, and instead can focus on a song they are more familiar with.  Traci even promises not to walk off the stage again.  Toni’s performance is of course flawless, but what else do we expect from Ms. Toni Braxton?  Towanda is hoping this just reminds Toni of why she loves to sing and prevents her from walking away from the industry.  It is now time for Queen Boom Boom to show the crowd (and Toni) that she is capable of putting on a great performance.  After all the stress leading up to the performance, WE think she gets it together.  It doesn’t even matter that Traci forgot her choreography because she is just doing what the song says… partyin’.  Toni and Towanda are less than convinced.  BFVQuote: “I’d give her a C+.”   It may not be Trina’s performance that has these two concerned, but rather Traci’s interpretive dance moves.  BFVQuote: “Am I surprised? No!  I’m just glad she didn’t walk off.”

Next week, Tamar hires a real assistant while Traci breaks out on her own and performs at CIAA.  Trina is there as well finally performing her new hit, “Game Time.”