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WE Tells All: Braxton Family Values, Soul-o Act

While Tamar juggles the stress of Vince’s slow recovery and her big solo debut for the Soul Train Awards, Toni works with Evelyn and Doc on planning a wedding… that they may or may not be ready for.

The sisters and Evelyn join Tamar in New York where Vince is getting treatment, because when it comes to the Braxton ladies, family always comes first. BFVQuotes: “We will stick together as a family, and we will be there and support her 100 percent because this too shall pass.” After discussing Vince’s health over dinner, Tamar breaks the news. She has been asked to sing a Gladys Knight tribute song at the Soul Train Awards, with Traci, Trina and Towanda merely presenting… and naturally, the girls are visibly jealous.

In Atlanta, Tamar meets with vocal coach Jan Smith, who has worked with both Usher and Justin Bieber, in order to plan for her Soul Train performance. When Jan scolds Tamar about her poor singing habits, she feels embarrassed. OK, like, for real? Tamar, embarrassed, what? BFVQuotes: “OK, like, for real, why do I suddenly feel like a kid who forgot to do their homework?!” Better get your act together, Tamar!

Toni meets with the girls in Atlanta to discuss the details of Evelyn and Doc’s wedding. When Tamar shows up wearing a white Mardi Gras mask, Traci compares her to Blanket Jackson. (LOL!) BFVQuotes: “You better get your life! I’m wearing a white mask because I am a fashion beast, honey. If Gaga can get away with it, so can I.” No, Tamar. Love you, but you look stupid, girl. When chatting about the wedding, Toni confides that she wishes Evelyn wasn’t in such a rush. BFVQuotes: “I don’t think she and Doc should be married right now; I think they should live together in sin. I don’t think this is smart. OK, I said it.” Toni (a self-confessed control freak) delegates and puts Trina in charge of the entertainment, while Traci takes care of flowers, Tamar handles the food and cake (bad idea, ‘cause she wanted popcorn and jellybeans at her own wedding!) and Towanda oversees the bachelorette party.

During Tamar’s next vocal session with Jan, she admits that her nerves are running rampant and she’s having a rough time remembering the words. Tamar, at a loss for words? Get your life! Jan dishes out a pep talk, which leaves Tamar feeling slightly more confident.

At Evelyn’s house, the girls (minus Tamar) and Doc discuss the wedding, where it becomes evident that the couple is not prepared and hasn’t given it much thought. Evelyn doesn’t know what she wants and Doc wants whatever Evelyn wants. BFVQuotes: “The one definite answer that Mommy could give me regarding this wedding is that Jackson the dog is going to be IN the wedding. Really, Mommy?” OK… where you at, David Tutera? Because you are clearly needed in the Braxton household!

Over dinner with her sisters, Tamar confesses she would rather be performing together, and not alone. BFVQuotes: “Tamar, you need to put your big-girl panties on and perform. You’re doin’ this by yourself, so just do it.” When Tamar asks one of her sisters to accompany her to rehearsal, no one wants to go, but Trina reluctantly volunteers. BFVQuotes: “My sisters are actin’ real stankalicious right now.” When Tamar finds out she missed dance rehearsal, she panics, but Trina reassures her that it will all work out.

When Tamar finds that the girls are running late for dress rehearsal, she loses her cool a bit. Instead, “stand-in sisters” help out during the walk-through. It is two hours before showtime, and the girls have still not arrived! (But Tamar stuns in that lace and fringe dress on the red carpet, right?! Love.)

When the ladies finally arrive, they realize that someone else has already spoken their lines and they’ve been moved to a later time — because they were late. In the meantime, Tamar continues to worry about her solo act. BFVQuotes: “I’m barely dressed, and I’m runnin’ to the stage for what I hope to be my big break. I want the world to see I’m a superstar!”

On stage, Tamar kills it, while Evelyn rocks out in the audience. (With that gorgeous blonde hair, she reminded me of a little Beyoncé, don’t you think??) While Tamar says she felt it wasn’t her best performance, WE think she was perfect! BFVQuotes: “I’m a perfectionist, and I feel like I could have done a better job. My hair looked like the lion from The Wizard of Oz.” The ladies then introduce the R&B group, Mindless Behavior, and Trina later admits she felt snubbed when Tamar improvised her lines, forcing Trina to just stand there silently on stage. Over drinks, the girls argue back and forth until Tamar shares she just found out that Vince needs an MRI. Reminded of Tamar’s real problems, the girls put their bitterness aside, because as we all know, the Braxton family is the foundation!

Your thoughts… what did you think of Tamar’s final performance? And are Evelyn and Doc really ready for marriage? Sound off in the comments!