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WE Tells All: Braxton Family Values, The Family Unites

This episode of Braxton Family Values was really all about our girl Toni-one tough cookie, she takes on another physical trial with her family by her side…meanwhile Tamar is giving it everything she’s got in the studio (or trying to at least) and Towanda is finally giving Andre some well deserved (?) props.

We start off in LA; Tamar is meeting with Harvey to go over some tracks for her new album and pretty nervous about the whole situation. Not nervous enough to keep her opinions about the tracks to herself though, BFV Quotes: “He plays these tracks and they are boop! Bonk! Who’s singin’ to that? She’s not. Nope.” Well, it’s not as if Harvey is some famous producer or anything right?…oh wait…anywho-Tamar does eventually find a track she likes, after explaining exactly what she is looking for, BFVQuotes: “It got to be stank like that; like Oh My God, what is that? It’s funky-it’s who needs deodorant? My record does!” (We’re unsure as to why a body-odor scented album is a good thing, but will trust our girl on this one).

Later on, Tamar, Trina, Towanda and Traci meet for lunch- they are all in town to hear Toni’s big announcement. Towanda already knows the dirt but won’t divulge anything, despite her sisters’ best efforts to drag it out of her. Good for you, Towanda! In fairness, she’s probably also thinking about her husband, Andre’s, book signing, which is taking place around the same time. He also wants her to be there…poor Towanda, she is always being pulled in a million directions!

Finally the entire family is together at Toni’s and she reveals that her Lupus has caused complications that mean she’ll need to have surgery-the next day (!). All of the Braxtons are shocked. Tamar especially is very emotional, saying she wishes she could take some of Toni’s suffering on herself, which leaves everyone a little misty eyed, BFVQuotes: “My heart sank to the bottom of my Louboutins”…and Traci is just a bundle of anxiety, BFVQuotes: “This child is gonna make my nerves shot to shingles!”

Toni heads into surgery with her ex, Keri, by her side and emerges 4 hours later, safe and healthy 🙂 While she naps, the rest of the family goes to lunch and the ladies talk about how well their parents are getting along. Mom and dad are quick to correct them though, telling them not to read into anything. As Traci puts it, BFVQuotes: Deep down inside-in their inside parts, they can’t stand each other!”.

Wrapping things up, Toni comes home to recover and spend time with her (adorable) boys-she even sends Towanda home so she can attend Andre’s book signing with Trina and Gabe. The turnout is pretty impressive and even Towanda has to give her hubby some credit, although she thinks he still has a long way to go in becoming the provider she is looking for.

Next week, more drama for the sisters as Traci takes on an apprenticeship at a salon (she’s sweeping floors) and Momma Braxton goes on a blind date…with a 27 year old! Go Ev!

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