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WE Tells All: Braxton Family Values, “The Graduate”

So how proud are we of Trina Braxton for graduating from college? Go Team Trina! More on that later, but just had to get it out of my system 🙂

Anyway, first up-Tamar and Vince, they are in Chicago meeting with a documentary producer from Japan who wants to create a show about Vince. Tamar takes this opportunity to hire herself as his “wife-ager” and proceeds to take negotiations into her own hands. The awkwardness continues later when they have dinner with Tamayu, and Tamar insists on talking business. Vince is so annoyed that he walks off (!) but not before serving up BFVQuotes: “You’re on a 20, please bring it down…you can manage me in the bedroom”…TMI?

In Atlanta, Trina is preparing for her big day and telling Gabe how upset she is that nobody from her family will be attending the graduation. Gabe secretly calls her dad and invites him, and he actually shows up! Both he and Evelyn are at the ceremony (getting along) and it’s a very sweet and emotional moment for all. Trina does give Gabe some credit for his efforts, but not her sisters, BFVQuotes: “Gabe, you’re still a lying, dirty cheat but you get some snaps…my sisters are on my poo poo list”.

Meanwhile, back in LA Toni is confessing to Towanda that she doesn’t want Vince to be her manager anymore-she is afraid to tell him, but not as afraid as she is to tell Tamar. AND it seems she has a good reason for her fear, as later when all of the ladies are at dinner with mom, her revelation to Tamar is met with some defensiveness. The two sisters go at it and eventually Toni leaves, chased after by Towanda and Evelyn is left to console a distraught and broken Tamar, who feels Towanda has taken her place as Toni’s bestie. BFVQuotes: “I did not get a loan from the bank of Toni Braxton…Towanda has put her feet in my Louboutins!”

And things are heating up at Trina’s graduation party…literally, as she tells us BFVQuotes: “I’m sweating between the mounds. The mounds and the almond joys”…hmmm. And her tipsy and flirtatious behavior is not well received by Gabe who is then accused of being a “fun-snatcher” who BFVQuotes: “…is projecting his cheaterization on me!”.

BUT as it turns out, Gabe may actually have something to worry about. Trina pays a visit to Dr. Sherry and admits that she too cheated on Gabe (!!) WOAH.

So where do you think this will all end up? Do two wrongs make a right? Can’t wait to see what happens next week!

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