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WE Tells All: Braxton Family Values, “Toni’s New Doo-Wop Chick”

So, who is Toni’s new Doo-Wop Chick? We’ll get to that, but first the ladies are having lunch with Momma Braxton and grilling her about her new beau; his name is Doc and he just happens to be a doctor, which the girls love (can you blame them?)

Evelyn is keeping her biz private though and not sharing too much, although she does ultimately go on a double date with Trina and Gabe. Trina wants to know more details about their relationship, while Gabe keeps suggesting that Towanda and Andre move in with mom (um, awkward much?…yeah) to which Trina responds,”Mommy, you have my permission to stab him in the neck with your fork”…yikes.

On to Toni’s house where she gives Traci the thrill of a lifetime by asking her to perform with her at her next concert. Tamar is commissioned to teach her the choreography (this should be interesting, as per her opinion – #BFVQuotes: “There ain’t no way I can teach somebody how to pop-pop, drop-drop and roll-roll like I do boom-boom!”) And this is all quite evident at the dance studio when Ms. Tamar’s harsh critique of Traci (#BFVQuotes: “You have to throw a little more stank juice on it!”) leads to too much tension and Tamar storming out.

Meanwhile, the sisters are not about to ease up on Evelyn about Doc. They ladies are having dinner and continuing the grilling process until she tells them that she and her man have decided to take a break. She also speaks to Toni alone and tells her she’s not ready for a serious relationship or to move in with anyone before marriage…we get it, Ev-you stick to your morals!

Finally, it’s time for Toni’s big show in Indianapolis and Traci’s got some butterflies; or as she puts it #BFVQuotes: “I’m nervous as hen piss!”. Towanda isn’t sure she is ready but Toni gives her a pep talk (and some fancy sparkly undergarments for her “big booty”) and they take to the stage…sort of. Traci disappears between songs, but Toni coaxes her back on and the boost of confidence shows as Traci kills it for the rest of the performance…yay, we love you Traci…you looked fabulous up there!

All ends well on another episode of Braxtons…and next week Trina is graduating from college and something major is revealed in the last few minutes…you will NOT want to miss it.

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