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WE Tells All: Braxton Family Values, Wedding Daze

As Evelyn’s pending nuptials creep closer and closer, the girls start to become a bit skeptical about whether Mommy and Doc will actually tie the knot.  In non-wedding news, Traci tries to convince her dad to be an investor in her Baltimore hair salon.
Before Toni leaves the sisters to deal with Mommy and the wedding planning while she travels on business, she takes Evelyn out to lunch to fish for any “issues” Evelyn may have. Mama E seems stressed and anxious, even alluding to the fact that she may need a cocktail!  BFVQuote: “If you don’t ask, I won’t tell.  This thing is about to drive me to drink!”  That does not sound like the calm and collected Evelyn we all know and love.  What gives?
Meanwhile, Trina, Traci and Towanda get together to discuss the details for Evelyn’s wedding.  Towanda pegs Mommy for more of a traditional woman, but would she consider jumping the broom? Trina definitely has her own opinions on the subject, stating that jumping the broom doesn’t necessarily dictate your marriage is going to work out.  BFVQuote: “You think a broom would have made all the difference in the world?”
Traci flies back to Maryland to meet with her “potential investor,” aka Daddy, but it turns out to be more than she bargained for.  Michael refuses to commit without a secure location, a business plan, and overall confidence in Traci.  It seems like Michael is a bit hesitant to trust his daughter with his money. Why can’t anyone seem to give Traci some credit? She is constantly met with are reservations and disbelief.  In Traci WE trust! Except for the name, Beu-leve! (Girl, you can come up with something better than that!)
Back in LA, Miracle seems to be trying Tamar’s patience.  While Tamar tries to set some ground rules for the new puppy, Vince is taking the calm, nurturing approach. As Tamar runs around trying to find a safe location for the weewee pads, poor Miracle can’t hold it and ends up going on the tile floor. Tamar decides to put Miracle in check, BFVQuote: “That ain’t hot and you know what? Everyone gonna call you the funky dog”.   However, it is clear this dog has a mind of his own.  Like mama, like baby!
Traci is still trying her best to get Michael to invest in the salon, but he is not convinced. BFVQuote: “You can bat your eyes all you want. You can boogaloo down Broadway, but I don’t give up money like that.” By the end of the trip, Traci realizes she needs a more solid game plan!
With Traci, Trina, Towanda and Tamar back in the ATL zip code, wedding planning resumes and they find themselves shopping for Evelyn’s wedding dress… again!  Evelyn decided to play a joke on the girls, and try on sexy little number she would NEVER wear. While waiting for Mommy to come out, the girls discuss whether they think this wedding will actually happen. BFVQuote: “If you don’t know what you want at your wedding, does that mean you don’t really know if you want to get married?” WE say that’s a good question, Tamar! But what overshadows this process is the apparently horrific smell that seems to be permeating throughout the bridal salon. BFVQuote: “What I smell, is 1970’s Soul Train after 30 people done did the snake on the floor for real!”  When the sisters accuse Tamar of possibly being pregnant due to her key sense of smell, she shoots that down with her version of Baby Making 101.  You have to plant a few seeds to make a baby; grinding just won’t do it.  Thanks, Tamar.  Noted!
The light-hearted mood doesn’t last long.  The girls try and have a real talk with Mommy to see if she is truly into this wedding, but you can see she is just about over this whole thing.  Once Evelyn gets sassy about the bridesmaid color she finally chose (BLUSSSSHHHHH for all who forgot), the girls seem to be more confused.  This is supposed to be fun, not a fun snatcher!
After that heated outing with Evelyn, the girls go back to Towanda’s house to discuss what just happened.  Still on Tamar’s case, the girls point out that Tamar has a little tummy coming over the top of her jeans.  Listen, whether it’s your salt intake, the fact that you just got off the plan, or the fact that you have been indulging, WE still think you look great, Tamar!  After deciding they will all come together to perform at Evelyn and Doc’s wedding (and check their attitudes at the door), the girls do their best impression of a powder puff huddle and chant “No egos, no fighting”… Ready? Break!  WE’ll believe it when we see it!
Are we the only ones who felt awkward during the dinner with Evelyn and Doc?  It seemed super clear that Evelyn is having second thoughts, especially when she lays into doc for not having his groomsmen chosen.  Do they even have a venue yet? Or flowers? Groomsmen are the least of their worries.  With the conversation switching to elopement, I just wanted to close my eyes.  Doc did not look happy with that suggestion.  Oh boy, troubled couple at Table 3!
I really wasn’t sure with how this rehearsal was going to work out, especially when you couldn’t see Tamar’s reaction through those dark lenses she was rockin’ (she looked fierce, tho!).  I’m still unsure if a church is the right place for “stank.” Especially a stank version of “The Lord’s Prayer,”but maybe Tamar just used the wrong adjective.  After Towanda brings everyone (Tamar!) back to reality, the sisters come together to pull off the best rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer” I have ever heard.  I agree, Trina… you guys are awesome!  Another thing the sisters come together on is the fact that they don’t think Mommy is going to go through with tying the knot.  Reasons listed below:
1.     She has made no decisions on her own about ANYTHING
2.    Doc hasn’t even made his list yet
3.    No engagement ring… BOOM!
Fast forward to a borage of wedding planners, wedding questions, and wedding samples, OH MY! Even I’m exhausted, and I’m not the one making the decisions.
Towanda and Evelyn go out to lunch alone to try and relax, but again Evelyn wants a drink! What is going on?  All of a sudden, BFVQuote: “Poof! No wedding!” Wait? What? Why? What? Evelyn can’t even seem to answers those simple questions.
Your thoughts… why didn’t Evelyn say something sooner? How do you think Doc is going to react? Is it too soon for the sisters to say “I told you so!”?