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WE Tells All: Braxton Season Finale

Well, we knew it had to end sometime, and tonight the Braxtons closed out their first season of Braxton Family Values with a bang. Laughter, anger and even a few tears characterized the culmination of this amazing 1st run.

After last week’s tough trip to Maryland left the ladies feeling drained and bewildered, they rehash what happened, still trying to understand why Daddy Braxton stood them up. Traci, being the closest to him, is asked to call and find out what happened (the girls even break into an adorable song about it, haha) but she is just as angry as they are and walks out (is it me or does she do that a lot?) Later, she comes around and reveals that she has spoken to their father and convinced him to come to Atlanta to see them, yet he offers no real excuse for not showing up the first time, other than that he was “with friends” – which the girls are NOT accepting as an explanation.

Moving on, the sisters meet at the recording studio, still trying to put the Braxton album together, but once again Toni is a no-show and they are all are more than annoyed. Traci feels slighted and Tamar still refuses to sing without all five of them present.

The sparks continue when Towanda brings Trina and Tamar to meet with her lawyer, as she plans to separate from Andre. An explosive argument erupts when Tamar puts her two cents in (shocking) and insults Towanda by degrading Andre – we hear some words that usually don’t come from the polished Towanda and Tamar is forced to give an apology, which her sister refuses to accept…do you blame her?

Finally it’s time for the ultimate family reunion as the sisters attend lunch, to which they have invited dad – unbeknownst to poor Evelyn, and when he walks in, the madness ensues almost immediately. Evelyn and her ex go at it like two prize fighters in the ring; instigated even more by Tamar’s ridiculous questions, “Why can’t you be friends?”…they call one another out as liars and scream across the table about dad’s infidelities (or as Evelyn creatively puts it, “He laid it low and spread it wide”! yikes) meanwhile the sisters chime in with their feelings, ultimately defending their mom. Eventually Evelyn has had enough and leaves, remarking that if she stayed “There would be two sad days. The day they buried him and then my trial”…HA…wow!

The next day the ladies talk about what went down and all agree to try to put it behind them, even Evelyn…and that’s why we love them 🙂

And as we near the conclusion (after another MIA Toni at a second recording studio appointment, resulting in Traci walking out AGAIN) all the sisters reveal what their next steps will be: Toni plans to move to LA, Traci wants to move to GA to work on the album (if it ever happens), Trina needs to work on her drinking, Towanda is separating from Andre and Tamar is still focusing on that solo career….what will happen for all of these most fabulous ladies? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Until next season!