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WE Tells All: Sisters At War

The claws come out and a full-on family cat-fight ensues when Toni gets inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

Over lunch in LA, Toni breaks the great news to Trina, Tamar, Traci and Towanda. Following in the footsteps of fellow R&B legends Gladys Knight, Ray Charles and Little Richard, she is thrilled to be inducted into the Georgia Hall of Fame and asks her sisters to put on a surprise performance at the ceremony as a special tribute in her honor. Naturally, the girls are flattered, but they have some reservations about their ability to work together in a peaceful manner. The ladies have been there, done that, and it wasn’t pretty! BFVQuotes: “I’m going to do my best to stay positive about this performance, but you know, when you get the four of us together, it always turns out to be a pile of bullsh*t. I’m just sayin’,” Traci admits. Nonetheless, the girls agree to honor their big sister, and Toni demands that the performance be good. Towanda immediately expresses what we’re all thinking — that Tamar better not ruin the show with her bossy attitude.

At Tamar’s house, the women brainstorm ideas for the four-minute Toni Braxton tribute, considering singing a medley of hits including “Un-Break My Heart,” “Breathe Again” and “He Wasn’t Man Enough.”

During rehearsals in Atlanta, Tamar begins shouting orders and criticism at her sisters until she drives Traci to verbally blow up. Ever on the defense, Tamar claims that if Trina had gotten critical, no one would care. But because it’s Tamar who’s “trying to help,” everyone gets upset. My opinion? It’s all in the delivery. If Tamar was nicer and didn’t act like such a self-righteous diva, there might not be an issue. Just sayin’.

Trina tries to play peacemaker between Traci and Tamar, who is threatening to leave Atlanta. During lunch, Towanda divulges the details of the rough rehearsal to Toni, who seems unconcerned. Meanwhile, Evelyn reminds Traci and Tamar that the tribute is about Toni — not themselves.

Because the girls can’t seem to get a live performance together, they hug it out and decide to write speeches to honor Toni instead, in the form of a spoken tribute. When Michael Sr. arrives to attend the ceremony, the girls fill him in on the drama. BFVQuotes: “We couldn’t [pull it together] this time, and I don’t know why,” Trina says. “Can I take a guess? Does it have anything that rhymes with ‘mouth’?” asks Michael Sr. “What rhymes with mouth?” Trina asks. “TAMAR!” he says. Well said, Daddy!

Three hours before the awards show, Towanda gets a call from the producers saying that because of time constraints and missing rehearsals, the ladies can’t give speeches at all. They find out that Justin Bieber will be performing, and the girls are mortified to be letting Toni down — as they should be! They’re ashamed and afraid to tell Toni the truth, so they avoid confronting her about it at the ceremony.

As the governor of Georgia introduces Toni onto stage, she sadly realizes that her sisters are still in the audience, when they should be getting ready to perform. After giving her acceptance speech, Toni is even further let down that her family wasn’t backstage to congratulate her. BFVQuotes: “After the ceremony, none of my sisters even bothered to come backstage to see me. It was pretty devastating. They failed me on every possible level,” Toni says.

The sisters later sit down for a session with therapist Dr. Sherry. Toni expresses her disappointment regarding the induction ceremony, and Tamar apologizes for letting her down. She obviously spoke too soon because an argument quickly escalates, with Tamar blaming Towanda for ruining the rehearsal. Trina reminds the ladies that it is not one single person’s fault — the girls (and their larger-than-life personalities) simply can’t work together. Unsurprisingly, Tamar goes on the defense again. BFVQuotes: “Toni has the biggest ego out of all of us. We are all sharing the spotlight now, and maybe Toni don’t like that. Oops! Yes, I said it.” Dr. Sherry says the ladies absolutely must change their behavior if they want anything to get better.

We’ve all suffered through our fair share of family drama, but this is getting ridiculous. What do you think the sisters need to do in order to work through their issues?