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Your 4 Favorite Trina Moments on ‘Braxton Family Values’ — Plus 3 of Our Own!

Hey there, Braxton Family Values fans! We recently asked you (on Facebook) for your favorite Trina moments on BFV, and your answers revealed that you’re as crazy about Trina as we are! Here are your four favorite Trina moments, from her DUI to her “Sonic the Hedgehog” situation — plus a few of our own!

1. “When Trina was sightseeing in Russia with Towanda and how quick she said yes to the girl with the vodka and pickles even after the intervention and how tore up she was the next morning after Toni’s concert,” sent by John Clark. (Trina completed a 30-day alcohol fast this summer after receiving a DUI during the taping of the show.)

2. “When [she] told the family about her DUI arrest…the mugshot of her w/o her wig that made her look like Sonic the Hedgehog J,” sent by Quanezia MzQuan McGaughey.

3. “Her describing her DUI arrest and the look of complete terror on her sisters’ faces when she told them they made her take off her wig and stocking cap LOL hilarious!! ‘I looked like Sonic the Hedgehog under that thing.’ Hahaha never change Trina! ♥,” sent by Tracy Leigh.

4. “I just like Trina…I like hearing her talk cause I like her voice,” sent by Chris Collings.

We’d also like to add three favorite Trina moments of our own:

5. “The best was when she and Traci bought dog presents for Evelyn’s birthday….haha…classic, so funny!,” says WE tv staffer Crista Scibelli.

6. Trina’s cheating husband wants to buy her a “starting over” house. Trina is seriously considering it, but Tamar isn’t impressed. Trina’s rebuttal to her sister is priceless: “You keep making comments about how small it is because it doesn’t sprawl over two blocks of land!” Later, Trina tells the audience at home: “Tamar’s not completely happy with the house — she wouldn’t be happy if I chose the Taj Mahal!”

7. When the ladies are talkin’ bout sex, Trina admits that she’s a little bit freaky. “I’m try-sexual … I’ll try anything once, to see if I like it!”

Tell us… What’s your favorite Trina Braxton moment?