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Your Questions About the Braxton Sisters’ Hairstyles … Answered!

We recently asked you on Facebook for your burning questions about the Braxton sisters’ hairstyles, and you had many! Like, how does Trina get her ponytail to look so cute, why hasn’t Traci updated her style and how does Toni look so effortlessly pulled together? To get you your answers, we reached out to hairstylist Dawn White, who’s been working with the “Braxton Family Values” ladies for more than a year. Here’s what she had to say!

1. How can Traci change her style to look younger?

What Traci could do to look younger would be to wear defined haircuts that are mid-length or shorter. She has great cheekbones, which make for a youthful look.

2. How can Towanda and Evelyn tweak or update their looks? (Fans are tired of seeing them look exactly the same!)

Towanda has a beautiful complexion, so a bold color would be a great complement, creating a more striking look. As for Ms. Evelyn, an edgier haircut — mid-length or shorter with lowlights — would be a great way to turn up the heat to match her fiery personality.

3. Trina really rocks a ponytail. How does she do it?

Trina wears a ponytail with ease — she knows how to play up her features. An edge tamer sets the stage for a smooth, flawless framing of the face, which makes for a sleek, classic style.

4. Toni always looks hot … even when she’s not trying to. How does she manage to look so effortlessly pulled together?

Toni’s styles (this season, mostly long, blonde waves) are no-fuss, easy breezy and manageable, which reflects her carefree persona. Her hairstyles don’t overpower her.

5. How has Tamar changed her look in season two?

Tamar loves anything and everything long! However, there’s always a chance she could flip the script and give the unexpected!

6. What are some “rules” for wearing wigs and weaves? Dos and don’ts?

The Braxton sisters are known for weaves and wigs, and they’re a great way to protect and preserve the hair. When wearing either a wig or a weave, it is important to buy quality hair, and make sure your style is customized to fit your face. Having your stylist cut your wigs will give a more natural look to the piece and overall style.