Season 2, Episode 20

“Baby Business & Background Singers”


Tamar starts fertility treatments. Tamar and Towanda tell their husbands about the surrogacy idea. Toni enlists her sisters’ help to find new background singers. Evelyn opens a life coaching business.

We were hiding back stage looking at our monitors during Trina’s music video shoot, when Traci came back and gave me a handful of cigars and a pack of matches. I wasn’t sure what they were for so I just hung onto to them. Then right in the middle of the big dance scene, Traci runs over and tells me to help her light this f#*!ing thing. Although Trina didn’t know, and didn’t approve, Traci was determined to smoke a cigar in the video. In the end Trina thought it was funny, though I’m not sure if it made it into the final cut of her video.

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