Season 2, Episode 2

“Beauty School Drop- Out”


Unhappy with the producer Vince has chosen for her, Tamar goes behind his back to meet with someone else. Traci considers opening a salon and Towanda attempts to whip Toni’s new assistant into shape.

“I ain’t interested in channeling Whitney 1988, that ain’t hot!”
Tamar Braxton
“Toni is trying to do that Jedi mind trick stuff that she tries to do with everybody.”
Towanda Braxton
“I know it used to be chocolate city but that done dried up. It’s straight Jurassic Park, it’s dried up.”
Tamar Braxton
“I don’t want my mouth to write no check that my a$$ can’t cash.”
Tamar Braxton
“Let me see your country dance…that’s river dance…”
Toni Braxton
Notes from Braxton Family Values production team Magical Elves: When Tamar started wearing her bangs down in front, every once in a while she says she looks like the girl muppet that's in the band. She bobs her head back and forth and pretends to sing like that muppet (Janice?). Hilarious.

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