Season 2, Episode 16



The sisters begin wedding planning for a very indecisive Evelyn. Vince, however, knows what he wants while recuperating – a dog. Toni goes into the studio with Keri, her ex, to work on a new song.

Everybody knows that champagne goes with going to get your wedding dress. That’s, like, the best part of looking for the dress. They’re supposed to get you drunk and you buy a dress that’s completely out of your price range, DUH.
Tamar Braxton
Sounds good to me. Yea, I like that. I love that. Right, OK.
Evelyn Braxton
Do you see these dreadlocks-lookin’ roots danglin’ in my face? Where am I?!
Traci Braxton
I’m trying to stay relaxed. My daughters seem a little anxious about the wedding planning, and there’s no need for that. This should be a celebration.
Evelyn Braxton
This album will be a little different than my past album. I think when you hear it, you’re immediately going to think, ‘Yea, this is classic Toni,’ but I’m going to give you a little twist. I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised.
Toni Braxton
I thought we was going to have tea time for her. Mommy’s very conservative, she’s a lady… she’s going to slap the hen piss out of us.
Traci Braxton
I had wieners and balls hitting my legs. Just sweaty balls.
Traci Braxton
When did a cowbell get in the song? I didn’t put a cowbell in the song. What am I, a farmer?
Toni Braxton
That’s not fun for me. Lookin’ at naked behind men. That’s not fun for me! It’s one thing to see somebody walk like Denzel, but it’s another thing lookin’ at somebody’s hind parts.
Evelyn Braxton

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