Season 2, Episode 13

“Critical Condition”


Trina learns that Gabe’s been having cyber-sex on a social networking site; Tamar and Traci work-out with a tough trainer; the family drops everything when Vince is suddenly hospitalized in NYC.

“No, she don’t do dogs!”
Tamar Braxton
“You’re snatched! All you have to do is listen to me just a smidge, and you can be like me.”
Tamar Braxton
“The Congo man, he’s a damn maniac. This is some hard ass workout he’s making us do. I can’t let my weave sweat out like that.”
Tamar Braxton
“He gonna call me ‘Woman’?! You African booty scratcher, why in the hell you gonna call me ‘Woman’? My name is Traci. Please don’t forget it.”
Traci Braxton
“There were too many doctors coming in and out. It was like Grey’s Anatomy without a script.”
Tamar Braxton
“Tamar will have to be strong for Vince. First, Tamar has to be strong for herself. She has to put on her big-girl panties, and she has to do what she has to do for Vincent.”
Michael Sr. Braxton
“It’s a lot to be young and in a great relationship and know that you found your soul mate, and then to turn around having to sign papers to leave things in the doctor’s hands. Trusting them to save your loved one’s life is a lot.”
Tamar Braxton

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