Season 2, Episode 25

“For Better or Worse”


The Braxtons go on vacation in St. Lucia where Toni performs on stage with her sisters. Trina surprises the family with an impromptu vow renewal ceremony, much to the disapproval of her sisters.

It really hit me when we went to St Lucia, how popular the Braxton’s have become. Obviously everyone knew Toni. She’s a superstar, who is performing at the music festival. However, from the moment we got off the plane, onto this tiny island, we started hearing whispers everywhere. “Is that Towanda?” “Oh my god I just saw Traci!” “We love you TAMAR!!!” “Hi Trina.” Do they get the WE TV network in St Lucia???? I don’t know but somehow wherever we go, everyone loves the Braxtons.

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