Season 2, Episode 6

“The Family Unites”


Toni calls a family meeting in LA (including her father), and reveals that she needs to have emergency surgery. Tamar works on her solo album. Towanda & Andre argue about his book signing.

“He plays these tracks and they are boop. Bonk! Who’s singin’ to that? She’s not. Nope.”
Tamar Braxton
“It got to be stank like that; like Oh My God what is that? It’s funky-it’s who needs deodorant? My record does!”
Tamar Braxton
“My name is the secret squirrel of the family.”
Towanda Braxton
“This child is gonna make my nerves shot to shingles.”
Traci Braxton
“The blood loves red wine.”
Toni Braxton
“My heart sunk into the bottom of my Louboutins.”
Tamar Braxton
“You can’t bring your baby mama to your wife’s house!”
Tamar Braxton
“Deep down inside-in their inside parts, they can’t stand each other.”
Traci Braxton
Notes from Braxton Family Values production team Magical Elves: Each of the sisters have little pet names for each other that we have all gotten to know.  Miss E. is always "Mommy" or "Ev".  Toni is "T" even though they are all "T's"!  Traci is "Tray" or "Tray Ray."  Tamar is "Tay" or "Taymonster."  Trina is "Tree Tree".  (when she was little she wanted to be called "LaTreen" until she found out what it meant.)  Towanda, however, is the most nicknamed of all.... "Wanda", "Umba", "Wamba", "Wams" and of course, "The secret squirrel."

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