Season 2, Episode 17

“Wedding Daze”


A stressed Evelyn makes the girls question if she’s ready to wed, as planning continues for her wedding. Traci asks Michael Sr. to invest in her salon and Vince and Tamar finally return home.

If you don’t ask, I won’t tell. This thing is about to drive me to drink!
Evelyn Braxton
You think a broom would have made all the difference in the world?
Trina Braxton
That ain’t hot and you know what? Everyone gonna call you the funky dog
Tamar Braxton
You can bat your eyes all you want. You can boogaloo down Broadway, but I don’t give up money like that.
Michael Braxton
If you don’t know what you want at your wedding, does that mean you don’t really know if you want to get married?
Tamar Braxton
What I smell, is 1970’s Soul Train after 30 people done did the snake on the floor for real!
Tamar Braxton
Poof! No wedding!
Towanda Braxton

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