To Judge or Not to Judge?

Toni Braxton is one of the latest celebrities rumored to be on Simon Cowell’s X Factor short-list. But while we wait to find out new information on the X Factor panel, it got us thinking about what other shows we’d like Toni to be a part of. Here are our picks… do you agree?

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  • 1
    American Idol

    We could only imagine what this Grammy-winning star could bring to one of America's top singing competitions.

  • 2
    X Factor

    The rumor may or may not be true, but WE believe Toni would be an amazing judge for the show.

  • 3
    The Voice

    Toni just has that ear to detect amazing voices. The possibilities for the show with her as a judge would be endless. #TeamToni

  • 4

    Toni has already done Broadway. She was in "Beauty and the Beast," so we're thinking she'd be fabulous!

  • 5

    How many viewers would tune in for a Glee special featuring the Toni Braxton?! We're thinking millions.

  • 6
    America's Got Talent

    Toni would be a great, laid-back judge for this competition.